Monday, May 29, 2006

Slow Goin' or Slow-rollin'

I didn't play much today due to it being Memorial Day. Plus, I put in a small garden. It helps to relieve stress. (That didn't sound like Zen shit, did it? Sure hope not. OK, it helps me find inner peace. That better. Damit, son-of-a. Just forget it.) I won't be able to play for a few days because the Fam and I are doing the camping thing. That will be nice. Let me practice the usual sayings.
"I said stay away from the fire. How many times do I have to tell you."
"Keep being a smart ass and I'll ..."
"Boy, what the hell are you doing to that poor frog! *quiet comforting voice* Don't worry Hun, It's normal at his age. *whisper under breath* Little sicko." (Notice how I spelled Hun - Jokin', just jokes people.)
And the irrevocable classic.
"Son, you drop one more lawn-chair in the shitter, and I'm going to freakin' snap!"
Relaxation my ass!

I played at Px (WPEX) for a few hrs. I played 2 $50NL tables because no $25 tables were open. I ended up, down for the session. I loss $80 in 2 hands - to the same guy - in about 5 mins. Man did that suck. (One of those embarrassing moments when you surreptitiously click the leave table button, while whistling to yourself. Oops, did I just leave the table. Jackass.)This guy min raised PF so I called with my TT. Flop 996. He raised, and I reraised, to which he called. Turn 2. He bets and I raised once again except this time he reraises me allin. The way he played the hand was real weird. It just didn't make sense to me, so I put him on a bluff here. (Asshat is what I am, I tells ya.) So I call. He turns over AA for the big cheer from the crowd. I didn't put him on a higher pocket than mine due to the PF min-raise. (Slow-rollin', rollin', rollin'.) I didn't put him on the 9 because of the initial bet on the flop. Thus, I deduced he was full of it and bluffing me. I have to take my hat off to the guy. (Nicely played, this time, my arch rival. Lets see how you fair when next we meet. *eyes shifting* Mwaahahaha.)

I buy back up to the max and like 3 freakin' hands later we meet again. I'm looking down at 84. (Wait, hear me out people.) I'm in the BB and call to enter the hand. Flop 843. (Big Blind Special baby!) I bet and he raises. Everyone folds back around to me and I reraise bigtime. He goes allin. (You talkin' to me, No, You talkin' to me, I say in my best Deniro. Time to get daddy's my back biatch.) He just went all the way even with my aggression, with 2 9's on the board, only with top pair. So I'm a shoe-in, right. Wrong. (Shoe-in, that's how you write it I think. Where does that weird saying originate. Sorry, I got side-tracked. Side-tracked where does that weird ...Oh yea, back to the house of pain.) He turns over the set of 3's. Nice. But just to rub it in the river quads him up. Booya. (Oh yea, I'm not rooting for this nerd. Luckbox.) And that is when the music died. This is when I make my walk of shame and leave the table to the sound of electronic snickers.


Online Bankroll
Total $2199.32

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Still Tickin' or Going and Going and ...

Well, I played some more on WPEX tonight. I made $40 with the rakeback. But sadly I couldn't just play 2 tabs, so I also played 2 on UB at the same time also. UB took me for $25, so I ended up only $15. WPEX is really impressing me. Nothing like free money. Later.

Back in Black or Rakeback Bonanza

OK, I'm going to take some advice and give a small personal update so this blog will be a little more well-rounded. I haven't played much in the last few days due to work, no time, and a little too much stress. (Work related.)I am a Shift Supervisor at Louisiana Pacific. WE are a wood siding mill which runs 24/7. I work a 4 days on 4 days off, 12hr, swing shift. Basically I work 4 days from 7am-7-pm then get 4 days off then I work 4 nights 7pm-7am. Also me being a sup, I have lots of meetings with management and other personnel, about why the mill was or wasn't running well, so we're talking 13 to 13 1/2 hrs a day for me. This doesn't leave me much time for a life or sleep, much less poker on those days. But I usually like to get a little poker in anyways except when I've had a real stressful night at work. Because we know how well poker and stress go together. And this week sucked ass. The mill ran like shit mechanically and electrically, plus I had an HR situation to deal with, which is still up in the air. So, stress is putting it lightly. You guys saw how I play stressed-out. That nice $75 bluff that didn't work. That's not my game. I don't mind running bad if I'm playing decent poker, but I hate donking off chips. Anyways that's why I haven't had much to report on the poker front.

Poker Time

I took a bad beat at party this morning and got off and made the kids something to eat. When I got back on I decided to give WPEX a go. Am I glad I did. I'm actually up this morn. I played on 2 $100 tables for a few mins and got scared that I was trying to win it all back in a day, so I backed down to the $25 tabs. I played however many were open at one time. Anywhere from 1 to 3. I played for 3 to 4 hrs. I accrued $17.00 in rake that I will get back tomorrow. I sure hope when they get a bigger player base they don't drop this program. They definitely need more players so more tables will open up. I think they get away with the no rake thing by taking rake as normal then giving it back on Mondays. So, that's a week of interest that they get. I guess I really don't care how they do it, I'm just happy that they do.

Whine Time

Oh, yea, that bad beat, or bad play IMO of the bad guy. I have pocket rockets. There are so many limpers before it gets to me that I raised it 10xBB. I get one caller. The board - T62. He min bets, so I make it pot. He calls. Turn - 4. He checks, I bet pot, and he calls again. River T. He checks and I put him allin, he calls and turns over T7. A freakin' T7. He takes almost $25 off me with that junk. I can't see him calling a bet of 10xBB PF here, but hey some people are missing a few chromosome. Then to call a pot sized raise with TP shit kicker is quite ludicrous. I would be thinking over-pair with the big PF raise, but hey, that's just my passive ass apparently. Whatever. It made me go to WPEX and see how much money sites jip me out of.

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Total $2224.47

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Things Need to Change or Stress Play

I played this morning after work. I played the $100NL tables at PP again. I had a bad night at work last night - very stressful. I should have known not to play this morning, being all geeked up still from work. But NOOO. I just had to play. I won a nice hand right off the bat for $20. Then 10 min later I'm looking down at AK. Flop misses me totally. Nothing over a 9. I bet the guy calls. Turn a 2. I bet the guy calls. River is a J. The guy bets $25. And it was like my hand had a mind of its own or my mind was moving slower than my aggressive thoughts. I raise the guy $25 and he reraises. I have to dump it wasting around $75 bucks on a stupid play. That's not my game and I don't know why I was doing stupid shit like that. It's just not me. Plus why am I playing $100 when I was losing at $50NL. I have to get back on track here.
Wish me luck, I need it.

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Total $2179.21

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Opportunity Lost or Wimping Out in the AM

I only played about an hr again today. I played this morning after work. I went to party again and played $100NL. I ended up, down for my baby session. I just couldn’t stay awake, though I wanted. I had a great but rare situation going. I was sitting to the very left of a super agro. It was a rarity that this dude didn’t raise. He raised double the blind up to 5xBB just about every hand no matter his position. I really wanted to stay awake and make some money at this table. He had the whole table playing marginal hands, putting a lot of money in the middle, tired of being bullied. That is where I loss my money also, playing marginal hands that wouldn’t normally even limp with and having to dump them to his aggression on the flop or turn. I have to give the guy credit though, he was up big and gaining. He knew his style well, and usually folded when he was beaten. He also knew when players where scared and would throw in a big bet on the turn or river and take down some nice pots. I was really impressed with this guy’s intuition. Sadly though, I never got any nice hole cards in that hr and never hit a monster on the flops that I saw. I was in the perfect spot on the table for a big payoff and really missed out by leaving this situation.

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Total $2262.65

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Light day or Sleepy Baby

I only played about an hr this morning after work. I made $12. Woohoo. Life is good. Yea, that was just about all I could stay awake for this morning. I really have no idea why I was so tired but man was I dead. I slept all day long so I didn’t get a chance to play this afternoon before work either. So my day’s poker experiences were pretty meager. It was a little different this morning because I played on the $100NL tables. I also was playing at Party without a bonus going on which is pretty unusual for me. I had 2 tables going. So I guess 12 bucks ain’t all that great, but after the week I’ve had, I’ll take it. I really wish I would’ve had some cards because I saw people calling with pure junk. I’ve only played $100NL a few times and that was on UB. It seemed a much tighter game overall at those stakes on UB, but I haven’t logged enough time at those stakes to definitively say this is fact. Once I get all these other sites’ bonuses taken care of, I just might have to start hanging around Party a little more often. Later all.

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Total $2287.65

Didn't Play Today or Who'd of Thunk

Man this feels weird. Yesterday was the 1st day that I haven’t played any poker since I don’t know when. Anyways its been a long time. My wife can attest to that.(Can feel the impact coming as her hand slaps the back of my noggin.) I got called into work early so I didn’t get a chance to get on and play a few hands. It kinda’ feels refreshing, in a way.

I figure I’ll play a little this morning before bed. I couldn’t imagine 2 days. (God forbid.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tired and Weary or Dumb Question Session

I played for about 5 hrs last night. (With my own money.) I pretty much lived between $25 and $45 ahead all night. I just couldn't get past that hump. Then a few mins ago I finally lost a big hand to put me down for the night and make me finally decide to hit the sac. AA vs 9Ts. But no it's not the bad beat story you usually hear from me at about this time in the morn over the last week. No, the money didn't go in before the flop, but post flop with 998 on the board. I honestly don't think it was too bad a call and push by me, really. I caught myself thinking all that he can have me beat with right now is a set of 8's or a 9 as I was staring at his raise of my flop bet. I then think, would he call a 7xBB raise PF(I raised so much because of the sheer amount of limpers that were trying to come in the hand) with a pr of 8's, 9's or A9s or something else with a 9 in it - na, I know I wouldn't. So I'm pretty sure he is trying to buy this pot or has an over pr. That's where my money's at - an over pr, likely queens because there was no reraise PF. Anyways, you already know what he had so you know it was the wrong line of thinking. These suited-connectors are tough to see coming. I just might have to incorporate them into my game, though I don't know if I have the balls to raise or call a raise with them PF. I'll maybe tinker a little with them when I have position here and there and see how it goes. They sure can be devastating, that's clear.

I had a few questions come to mind as I was playing last night. I figured I mind as well share them with you.

Have you ever watched the board chop itself and give an idiot their money back even though they absolutely didn't deserve to have it back?

It just leaves you with an empty feeling inside, as you berate the screen with gems such as, "You called me with that, dumbass," or "What did you think I had, stupid, have your money back," or just succinctly put, "You suck, fag."

Have you ever reraised someone with a huge allin and when they turn over their hand you just have to laugh at your unwarranted fear of their holding?

I reraised this dude allin PF with my pocket K's and when he calls my huge overbet I get that stomach pang and deep breathing that usually comes with your ticket to the craziest rollercoaster around. I just know he will flip over AA or q's at the worst and then I have to hold off another Q. But no this moron turns over K7. But just as I start laughing aloud a 7 comes on the flop. Luckily no more 7's come and I take down the pot. I could see making a $30 bluff at the pot PF with K7 (Not really.) but to CALL a $30 bet PF at a $50 NL table is down-right lunacy.

Have you ever had that not so fresh feeling? You know what I'm talking about, right?

I have been off of work for 2 weeks now and I've played poker all night long every night. I think I'm worn out and not playing my A-game. The first week I made a killing. And now this second week I've lost just about every night. Luckily my winnings far outweigh my losses. It may just be coincidence but I doubt it. I usually get a bad beat or 2 every session but I also am able to sustain those beats and still be up. So as bad as I hate heading back to work tonight, it's probably for the best. Some time off will likely help me come back fresh and ready to rock. But that's just my take on things.

Later all, good luck at the tables, and when some jerkoff turns over K7 when up against your monster, you'll probably think back about my dumb questions. Later.

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Total $2275.65

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sick Proposition or Live by the Bitches/Die by the Bitches

Get this, I get a call from my Bro. I answer the phone and he says to me, "I've got a proposition for you." My immature mind immediately wonders what kind of sick demented thing he is going to ask me to do with him. Turns out he's not gay and the local farms can let the sheep back out to pasture. (Just wanted to clear that up, that's all." Anyhoo, He tells me (in one big drawn-out sentence) that he is in a $100 MTT on UB and that there's 120 some left, 20 pay out, 1st place gets $4500, he has 5000 in chips, he has some urgent issue that he has to attend to, so he can't finish playing, and that I have to take over for him. (One giant breath I tells ya.) I obviously say, "Let me check the calendar real quick, Bro..." (long pause, but not long enough for the phone to hang up.) "No shit, really, you sure, no shit," I stammer, all giddy, like a school boy with his first dirty mag. Ok enough of the drama, I surely say no prob Bro. And I take over for him.

The very 1st thing I do after I take over the helm is look into his account. (shush, don't tell him.) Broke-ass MoFo, no wonder I'm always bankrollin' his punk ass. Just jokin' on both accounts, I didn't look into his account and he ain't broke. *wink* *wink*

2 to 3 cycles after he leaves comes the first pr of Ladies. Guy in MP min raises and I bump it up to about 6xBB. Hole cards fold all the way back around to initial raiser who calls. Flop comes K6Q. He bets and I smooth-call. Turn brings another K. He goes allin, I call and double up to a little over 9000 in chips.

I play tight. I tried to steal the blinds once from the button and get raised allin. I fold my KQs.

I play tight for a long time as the blinds chip away at me. (Booo. I know, I said "chip" away. No pun intended. Honestly. I wouldn't even stoop that low for attention.) I'm all the back down to 5800 and the blinds are 150/300 with an ante of 25 and there are only about 40 people left in the event. I look down at AA baby. I saved this HH and another one and I'll post them at the end. (Really, so my Bro can look and see that I didn't purposely squander away his $100.) One guy in EP limps and I don't even want to play around, so I go allin. To my total befuddlement 2 more players also go allin behind me. The first limper limps away. We flip over pocket aces, pocket queens, and pocket Kings, respectively. (My heart is pounding as I realize my great odds just left the building, like an old, gay gold glasses wearin', Elvis impersonator, with a thyroid problem.)(As you can tell, I'm still a little pissed.) The K comes on the flop and my stack plummets. But hey, on the bright-side, I win the side pot against the Q's so I'm still in the game with a measly 2300. Had my Aces held-up I would have skyrocketed to over 17000 in chips and unless something drastic happened, for all intents and purposes, in the money.

I blind away for a few more rounds and the blinds go up to 200/400/50. In MP, the seat to my right raises 3xBB and I go allin. It is folded back to him, who calls. My AK holds up against his AT and I double-up to around 4000.

A few circuits later, with the stakes the same, the Ladies show up to party once more. I have a touch under 3000 and close to being the short stack in the tourney. I go allin and get 1 caller, who turns over AJ. The flop once again brings the dreaded dagger, yet this time it's the final nail in the coffin.

I go out in 31st place. Almost got ya to the money Bro.

Ultimate "Beat", ya gott'a love it. And watch out for those Ladies, they'll turn on you in a minute.

Hand #32006921-176 at Mon801pm-007 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 22/May/06 22:41:27

smalls57 is at seat 0 with 9735.
mindwise is at seat 1 with 3850.
Garnet is at seat 2 with 8475.
hoex is at seat 3 with 6615.
Daddybob is at seat 4 with 5830.
WPT60 is at seat 5 with 6755.
afrobubs is at seat 6 with 6585.
nenry1 is at seat 7 with 21115.
Jerrylee9 is at seat 8 with 4670.
Freddiejr is at seat 9 with 20685.
The button is at seat 6.

smalls57 posts ante (25).
mindwise posts ante (25).
Garnet posts ante (25).
hoex posts ante (25).
Daddybob posts ante (25).
WPT60 posts ante (25).
afrobubs posts ante (25).
nenry1 posts ante (25).
Jerrylee9 posts ante (25).
Freddiejr posts ante (25).
Jerrylee9 posts the small blind of 150.
Freddiejr posts the big blind of 300.

smalls57: -- --
mindwise: -- --
Garnet: -- --
hoex: -- --
Daddybob: Ah Ad
WPT60: -- --
afrobubs: -- --
nenry1: -- --
Jerrylee9: -- --
Freddiejr: -- --


smalls57 folds. mindwise calls. Garnet folds.
hoex folds. Daddybob goes all-in for 5805. WPT60
folds. afrobubs goes all-in for 6560. nenry1 folds.
Jerrylee9 goes all-in for 4645. Freddiejr folds.
mindwise folds. afrobubs is returned 755 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Daddybob shows Ah Ad.
afrobubs shows Qs Qc.
Jerrylee9 shows Kd Kc.

Flop (board: Kh 3s 4h):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: Kh 3s 4h 7s):

(no action in this round)

River (board: Kh 3s 4h 7s Jd):

(no action in this round)


Daddybob has Ah Ad Kh 7s Jd: a pair of aces.
afrobubs has Qs Qc Kh 7s Jd: a pair of queens.
Jerrylee9 has Kd Kc Kh 7s Jd: three kings.

Hand #32006921-176 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
Jerrylee9 wins the main pot 14785 with three kings.
Daddybob wins the side pot 2320 with a pair of aces.

Hand #32006921-196 at Mon801pm-007 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 22/May/06 22:52:09

smalls57 is at seat 0 with 9920.
mindwise is at seat 1 with 4900.
Garnet is at seat 2 with 8375.
hoex is at seat 3 with 3890.
Daddybob is at seat 4 with 2965.
WPT60 is at seat 5 with 5205.
nenry1 is at seat 7 with 18515.
Jerrylee9 is at seat 8 with 17260.
The button is at seat 8.

smalls57 posts ante (50).
mindwise posts ante (50).
Garnet posts ante (50).
hoex posts ante (50).
Daddybob posts ante (50).
WPT60 posts ante (50).
nenry1 posts ante (50).
Jerrylee9 posts ante (50).
mindwise posts the small blind of 200.
Garnet posts the big blind of 400.

smalls57: -- --
mindwise: -- --
Garnet: -- --
hoex: -- --
Daddybob: Qs Qc
WPT60: -- --
nenry1: -- --
Jerrylee9: -- --


hoex folds. Daddybob goes all-in for 2915. WPT60
folds. nenry1 folds. Jerrylee9 folds. smalls57
folds. mindwise goes all-in for 4850. Garnet folds.
mindwise is returned 1935 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

mindwise shows Ac Js.
Daddybob shows Qs Qc.

Flop (board: 7s Td As):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: 7s Td As 7h):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 7s Td As 7h 9s):

(no action in this round)


mindwise has Ac Js 7s As 7h: two pair, aces and sevens.
Daddybob has Qs Qc 7s As 7h: two pair, queens and sevens.

Hand #32006921-196 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
mindwise wins 6630 with two pair, aces and sevens.

Did What I Said or Said What I Did

I played 10 Sit-N-Goes. I was playing 2 at a time staggered, so I didn't end up with both short tabled at the same time. This way I could focus fairly well. And I actually ended up for the night. I averaged a 3.8 for where I placed. I won $75 and it cost me $55 to play so we're talking a net of $20. (Yea, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.) I'm not up much for the night after you subtract the League fee of $11. But Up's up and a win's a win. ( I'm trying self-positive-reinforcement.) I should be a motivational speaker, I'm telling you. Don't you feel better about yourself as you read how bad I suck lately. (I can hear a resonating "Poor Sap" in the distance.)

SNG Breakdown
1st - once
2nd - twice
3rd - twice
4th - thrice
5th - once
10th - once

The tenth place finish was a bad beat on the very first hand of the tourney.

I raised PF and get one caller. Flop comes 992 rainbow. Evil dude or bad guy (which ever you prefer)bet the minimum. I raised with my J's. He went allin. Obviously I have no reads here, so my call was possibly a little rash. I only see him betting weak here if he is afraid of the 9. If he had the 9 himself he wouldn't bet it unless he was trying some weird double-psychology shit with me. And since it was the first hand, he doesn't know that if am a heady player, (Not proclaiming to be, so stop rolling your freaking eyes. No, I mean it, stop,) that needs to be tricked into betting. Furthermore he'd be a retard to not slow play that flop and let me bet here, IMO. He flips over A3 and it isn't even suited. Straight up bluff city. (OK, obviously with a few outs. Son-of-a.) Turn comes Ace. River no help. (Keyboard gets smited.)

So even though I didn't make much and played a lot, I feel that I did well.

I will have one last night to play all night, then it's back to work. So my poker time will slow down drastically for 4 days, Though I will play before and after work each day for a few hrs.

Online Bankroll
-11.00 TPFLII Fee
Total $2291.35

TPFLII Game #6 or Living on the Bubble

Well I did pretty well in game #6. I got 5th. Which is 1 out of the league points and 2 out of the money. I once again bowed out with the best of it going into the hand. (Time for my catch-phrase, Son-of-a.) Nothing much to report. I played pretty straight forward last night in the tourney. No big moves and only a few plays. I'm still also 4th overall in the league, so that leaves me in the cutoff for league money.

TPFLII bankroll
-11.00 (5/11)
Total -20.00

Sunday, May 21, 2006

No Not Again or Waaaaa

Let me go ahead and apologize before we go any further for all the whining. (because, oh yea baby, that's where I'm headed. It's Helmuth time.)

I actually started the night up $100. Some 4 to 1's actually went my way. (That sound whinny. That so. Thought maybe it was just my imagination.)

The inevitable downswing came like a brick to the head. (Anyone feel a bad beat hand history on it's way.)It started with a horrible call by your's truly. I have Jacks and raise PF and he calls. Flop comes 989. (Not too bad.) He checks and I bet 3/4 pot. Turn 7 (Not a real good card. But I still have an over pr.) He checks and throw out a pot sized raise - he laughs and clicks allin biatch. (Did I say biatch.)I think about for a second and throw in another $30. (Say what. Son-of-a.) He turns over TJ. I cry man-tears at this point. All my fault and down hill from here.

Bad beat section and maybe a few self-inflicted because I put the money in with the worst of it.

Guy raised from EP 3xBB and I call with my big bad AK. Flop K76. Lets just say I bet every street and he smooth calls until he gets bored and raises me allin on river. I'm pot committed by this point in the hand and pay off his quad 6's. Nice raise EP with 66. Probably also my fault.

Allin PF with my K's vs Dumbass' AK. (If you guessed a pair of aces you don't win the toaster-oven or what's behind door #2.) Answer: yep, the ever more painful A-high straight to my K-high straight. (You feel that. Right in a vice baby. Twist and turn.)

This next one, I saved the hand history, but forgot the table name and I'm way too tired to search through them all. To put it simply, he called my pot sized raises and hit his runner runner straight. He just kept calling and beat my trips. I felt an ass-whippin' coming so I checked the river, then made a crying call for another $10. The jerkoff actually typed sorry. His avatar was a chicken and after he said sorry... Let me just put it this way, KFC the hard way.

Not my best night. If I wouldn't have had the bad calls I would have wound-up about even is my best guess. I surely need to work on my game.

I think I might play 10 $5 SNG's just for a change. Oh. yea, almost forgot the TPFL again. That's tonight. Sleepy time.

Online Bankroll
Total $2282.35

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My First How-to Post or Micro-stakes No-limit Strategy For Beginning Players

I personally always buyin for max and advocate that everyone does, because you maximize your profits with your big hands.

But there is a different approach. If you aren't an experienced player whose seen a lot of hands and situations, this strategy might work for you. I used this stratagem starting out and made money playing this method. When your the fish at the table (yes, the first step to growth is admitting that you need to grow) sometimes you need a handicap to bring you up to par. So I'll stop yakking and get to it.

I used to multi-table with this micro-stakes no-limit strategy, but single tabling will work also.

Buyin for the minimum.

Play super tight - no suited-cons, one gappers, or small prs, just premium hands. Multi-tabling you will get these hands quite often.

Play aggressive when you hit - often push allin on flop when you hit. You will get called often by marginal hands because you are the short stack at the table and won't put a huge dent in their stack.

Hit and run - when you double-up or make 1/2 of your original buyin, leave and start again at a new unsuspecting table. You are accomplishing 2 things here, you are retaining your newly acquired assets and you aren't giving the table time to read your style. Once they find that you are super tight, it's a little harder to get a call even with your short stack. So leave while the getting's good and hit a new table.

This strategy did good by me, keeping me in money, while I gained experience. Then start adding in new hands and plays at the pot and start buyin for max because you'll be the big stack with skills at the tables.

Slump or Losing Nerve

I had another losing night. I really was card dead most of the session and when I raised PF everyone folded most of the time. I think I am going to step back down tomorrow onward until this slump is over, then I'll give it another go. Only lost one big hand last night. My AA which resaised him PF. flop comes T29 I bet $8 and he raises me $25, so I went allin. He turns over TT. I guess I shouldn't have pushed but I am pretty sure it was all going in at some point. I don't know? This is like 4 days in a freaking row. It's got me all nerved up. Yea, I'm defenently stepping down.

Online Bankroll
Total $2327.65

Friday, May 19, 2006


OK, I,ve been doing this blog for a few weeks now daily. Now is where I need your help. Do you like the blog? What do you like about it and what can I do to make it better? Leave me a comment, good or bad, an idea would be nice. Thanks guys.

I Moved up Tonight or Baby Steps

I moved up to play $100NL last night. Hopefully I didn't do it because of the arse whipping from the night before. Anyways I did ok for the first time. I only played 1 table. What a difference it is playing tight when you are only playing 1. I used the extra time to write notes. I am going to continue this for a little while. At least till I know how the usual suspects play. Plus it will give me time to learn the new level, because I'm pretty scared money. 1 thing I noticed last night was that there seemed to be a lot of loose-agressives at the table. Of coarse this was only 1 night which is an extremely small sample. I guess I'll find out in time.

I also played 2 $5 MTT's, in which I did OK, but not to the money OK. I played some freerolls and actually did better in them. I wonder if my play is different due to money being at stake. Once again too small of a sample size.

If I hit $2000 grand again I'm going to step back down and regroup. Later all.

Online Bankroll
Total $2378.78

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Back to reality or Sit your ass back down punk

I took a straight-up, old-fashioned, down-home, ass-whipping.

I took bad beat after bad beat tonight. I also hit lots of those hands specifically master-minded by The Man to take your whole stack. Damn The Man. Every time there was a big hand I lost tonight. It was sad really. I just felt defeated the whole night thru. Here's a few examples of my hands from last night. These are all at least $40 losers. I wrote them down as kind'a a morbid ledger to the poker gods. These here bastard children of mine are listed in their chronological order of conception from my ass last evening. Anyone notice that I'm still on tilt.

KK vs AA - My money's allin every time here
AA vs JJ - he flopped a J
K high flush vs A high flush - all I can say is ouch
AK vs 44 - I flopped Ak - he flopped a set of 4's - bets got nasty from there

And I saved best for last - this dude deserves something amputated - OK, maybe that's a little harsh - how about a week on the rack and another week in the iron maiden.

Hand #31222304-3250 at Aibongo (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 18/May/06 04:01:35

Mozambee is at seat 0 with $44.50.
cobra95man is at seat 1 with $39.85.
Eclipse2005 is at seat 2 with $46.95.
kennyan is at seat 3 with $48.35.
10pocket10 is at seat 4 with $48.25.
mcash2 is at seat 5 with $39.75.
evil knight is at seat 6 with $51.50.
neilyj is at seat 7 with $42.20.
chobaken is at seat 8 with $8.25.
Neumabr is at seat 9 with $88.
The button is at seat 4.

mcash2 posts the small blind of $.25.
evil knight posts the big blind of $.50.

Mozambee: -- --
cobra95man: -- --
Eclipse2005: -- --
kennyan: -- --
10pocket10: -- --
mcash2: Kd Ks
evil knight: -- --
neilyj: -- --
chobaken: -- --
Neumabr: -- --


neilyj calls. chobaken folds. Neumabr folds.
Mozambee folds. cobra95man folds. Eclipse2005
folds. kennyan folds. 10pocket10 folds. mcash2
raises to $1. evil knight folds. neilyj calls.

Flop (board: 4c 7h 3c):

mcash2 bets $.95. neilyj raises to $1.90. mcash2
re-raises to $4.45. neilyj calls.

Turn (board: 4c 7h 3c Jh):

mcash2 bets $8. neilyj calls.

River (board: 4c 7h 3c Jh 3s):

mcash2 goes all-in for $26.30. neilyj calls.


mcash2 shows Kd Ks.
mcash2 has Kd Ks 3c Jh 3s: two pair, kings and threes.
neilyj shows Ah 3h.
neilyj has Ah 3h 3c Jh 3s: three threes.

I do understand that I will have more days like this. But it just seemed like it was all designed to put the ol' smack-down on Ash last night. I hope I can recover mentally from this and keep playing solid poker. Down with The Man I say. Who's with me.

Online Bankroll
- 171.99 (single worst day as of yet in my poker career.)
Total $2393.40

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Streak is over baby, Son-of-a

I played all night long and got back up a few times but never held on to the lead.
I played at FT for the first few hours and was down $50 bucks on a few bad calls that I made. Not real bad calls just slightly bad calls. LOL.

Then I went to UB because my Bro wanted to play. I bankrolled him $100 and he made a $300 profit on top after paying me back. He was playing well at the tables and really took few bad hits. He also made the second half of that $300 by getting 3rd in a $5 tourney, which I got slapped around real quick in, just to let you know as a side factoid. I need to start backing him in some of these tourneys. I think I could make a little dough that way, because I sure as hell ain't getting in the money.

Oh yea, back to UB, I got a hell of a setback right of the get-go. I saved the HH on this one that I will post at the end of my post. I basically got played like a little bitch. He raised with a suited-connector PF which I reraised with my AA. (of coarse) He then flopped his straight and the rest is just tears and screaming. Son-of-a. We played till 6:30 this morning and I ended the session $.55 down. LOL. One hell-of-a comeback if I do say so myself. (And I do.)

I also got smacked by a straight-up tard, man. You see, I was pretty pissed when Suited-con dude stacked me, but I gave the guy props when I cooled down and realized that the guy played that hand very well. It's not often that his junk will hit hard but he was making a play and knew what he was doing. So let me be the first to shake your hand there, lucky fag. But this other guy called my PF raise with A3s. Then he called very big raises on the flop and turn and hit his flush on the river to destroy my Q's and my sanity.

But like I said I made a comeback and almost got even. With the help of a lot of Aces I must say. Boy I had a lot of pocket rockets last night. Though it did seem that every time I had K's and Q's an Ace hit the board on the flop. Damnit I being negative again.

I will just post the suited-con HH without giving my play-by-play, because it is so obvious what I thinking as I rubbed my hands in anticipation of a sucker's money. Son-of-a.

Hand #31222278-13142 at Zwiggelte (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 17/May/06 01:42:49

WelshCorgi is at seat 0 with $49.55.
Vinny Kid is at seat 1 with $59.30.
PennPenn is at seat 2 with $91.15.
Daddybob is at seat 3 with $46.
matt_ssl4 is at seat 4 with $49.20.
NEKOOKEN is at seat 5 with $38.50.
mcash2 is at seat 6 with $47.25.
maddog95215 is at seat 7 with $48.45.
Eclipse2005 is at seat 8 with $25.
MANIFESTO is at seat 9 with $36.25.
The button is at seat 5.

mcash2 posts the small blind of $.25.
maddog95215 posts the big blind of $.50.

WelshCorgi: -- --
Vinny Kid: -- --
PennPenn: -- --
Daddybob: -- --
matt_ssl4: -- --
mcash2: Ad As
maddog95215: -- --
Eclipse2005: -- --


Eclipse2005 folds. MANIFESTO raises to $1.
WelshCorgi folds. Vinny Kid folds. PennPenn folds.
Daddybob folds. matt_ssl4 folds. NEKOOKEN folds.
mcash2 re-raises to $3. maddog95215 calls.

Flop (board: Td 6h 7d):

mcash2 bets $4.50. maddog95215 calls. MANIFESTO
raises to $9. mcash2 goes all-in for $44.25.
maddog95215 folds. MANIFESTO goes all-in for $33.25.
mcash2 is returned $11 (uncalled).

Turn (board: Td 6h 7d 4c):

(no action in this round)

River (board: Td 6h 7d 4c 4d):

(no action in this round)


mcash2 shows Ad As.
mcash2 has Ad As Td 4c 4d: two pair, aces and fours.
MANIFESTO shows 8s 9s.
MANIFESTO has 8s 9s Td 6h 7d: straight, ten high.

Hand #31222278-13142 Summary:

$3 is raked from a pot of $80.
MANIFESTO wins $77 with straight, ten high.

Online Bankroll
Total $2565.39

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's poker time

It's almost 10pm, and I'm about to play some poker. I just realized that my $50 streak is over. (1 was $49 something anyways) That was 5 sessions in a row, which was real impressive for me. But I still have a winning streak to try to keep rolling. 6 sessions in a row in the black. $5 dollar win last night wasn't much, but it's still a win. That equates to $1 an hr. Son-of-a, that's highway robbery. Lets see if I keep that streak going tonight. Later, and good luck to everyone tonight.

I played around 5 hrs last night

I got smacked twice in the first 30 min of my session. I lost over $80 in those 2 hands and then tilted off another $40 or so.

1st hand - I flopped a set of 4's on a board of 245. Dude dude bets, I raise, he reraises allin, and I call. He flips over A3, and rakes in the pot.

2 hand - I flop a set of 8's in a raised pot with 4 total people in it, me included. The board was J8K. I ultimately go allin with 1 guy and he shows down KK. I was so mad at myself here with this call. If he raised PF he obviously would normally have only a few different starting hands and J's and K's are both possible choices.

I ended up on tilt for a good hr, donking of more than $40 more dollars putting me a deep hole. I was about to say forget it and call it a night when I finally was able to rein myself in and calmed down.

I actually ended up a few buck for the session. About 3 1/2 hrs into the session some cards started to come to me. I one that I'm about to post isn't because it was a good chuck of my recovery or the fact that I got all my chips in PF with Aces, it's because all 3 top pocket pairs are allin against one another PF. Straight-up crazy style.

Hand #31222106-36710 at Edmond (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 16/May/06 02:54:31

madcity_matt is at seat 0 with $16.85.
evil knight is at seat 1 with $49.50.
mcash2 is at seat 2 with $49.40.
Johnne77 is at seat 3 with $27.20.
ActionJunkie7 is at seat 4 with $25.85.
ope404 is at seat 5 with $28.80.
WelshCorgi is at seat 6 with $49.40 (sitting out).
Dissolved48 is at seat 7 with $45.20.
threepenny is at seat 8 with $25.60.
Mallabula is at seat 9 with $2.60.
The button is at seat 3.

ActionJunkie7 posts the small blind of $.25.
ope404 posts the big blind of $.50.

madcity_matt: -- --
evil knight: -- --
mcash2: Ad Ah
Johnne77: -- --
ActionJunkie7: -- --
ope404: -- --
Dissolved48: -- --
threepenny: -- --
Mallabula: -- --


Dissolved48 raises to $2.20. threepenny folds.
Mallabula goes all-in for $2.60. madcity_matt calls.
evil knight folds. mcash2 goes all-in for $49.40.
Johnne77 folds. ActionJunkie7 folds. ope404 folds.
Dissolved48 goes all-in for $45.20. madcity_matt
folds. mcash2 is returned $4.20 (uncalled).

Flop (board: 3s 5d 3h):

(no action in this round)

Turn (board: 3s 5d 3h Tc):

(no action in this round)

River (board: 3s 5d 3h Tc 4h):

(no action in this round)


mcash2 shows Ad Ah.
mcash2 has Ad Ah 3s 3h Tc: two pair, aces and threes.
Dissolved48 shows Qd Qh.
Dissolved48 has Qd Qh 3s 3h Tc: two pair, queens and threes.
Mallabula shows Kc Ks.
Mallabula has Kc Ks 3s 3h Tc: two pair, kings and threes.

Hand #31222106-36710 Summary:

$3 is raked from a total pot of $96.35.
$.55 is raked from the main pot of $11.15.
$2.45 is raked from side pot #1 of $85.20.
mcash2 wins the main pot $10.60 with two pair, aces and threes.
mcash2 wins the side pot $82.75 with two pair, aces and threes.

Online Bankroll
Total $2565.94

Monday, May 15, 2006

I didn't play much last night

I only played for around 30 min or so last night. After the tourney some of the TPF members got together on a limit table. Yes me trying limit. It was a weird experience. It was odd not being able to isolate against 1 or opponents when having a strong starting hand. I would be sitting there with AK raise and get reraised 3 more times before it got back around the table to me. I would end up dropping on the flop to 4 big bets (I think that's how you say it) because I didn't hit. And at the end watch some hand that I would have pushed out PF at a NL table. It wasn't all bad though. I had fun hanging out with everyone from the forum. Limit seems to be a game of odds and a standard structure of play. If you follow the right system and don't deviate from the path, in the long run you will be profitable. I long-term game. I don't know, just trying to sound cool. Hopefully I play a little today.

Online Bankroll
-11.00 (TPFL Fee)
Total $2561.65

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Game Over Man

I left in 8th. I was short stack at the table. Blinds were 200 and I had 700. I was in 3rd position so blinds were getting close and I figured I should go this round while my stack could possibably take the blinds, because 700 is still a big dent in someone's stack. I was looking down at KQ and figured why not. Lets roll. Though I didn't like being in 3rd position, because 2/3 of the field still had a chance to wake-up with a hand so they could try to isolate against me. I had nothing though while I was in position, except once in an already raised pot, which was a deterrence for me making a move that turn. Anyways, I'll stop trying to make sound so earth shattering. I had KQ and Psabi, thought about it a few moments and then called with his pocket 3's. No help for me and out in 8th. The big hand was the T's vs J's. Well, there goes first place because eejit has made it to the money. So no matter where he places he will be out in front and likely with a chip lead that doubles anyone elses' at the table currently, he will be way in the lead due to so many being in this tourney. (Run-on sentence, hmm, maybe.)

TPFLII bankroll
-11.00 (8/13)
Total -9.00 Son-of-a back in the hole


It is first break. I'm still in. About average in chips. I was in 2nd then my T's went in PF vs StudioPet's J's. 9 of us left. Later.

Crazy, I couldn't sleep this morn so I decided to play a little ...

First of all, kick ass, I didn't miss the game. Gotta try to keep that lead. Good luck with that, huh.

I couldn't sleep, plus I need to turn my days and nights around a little bit. I went to Sun Poker and finally knocked out that bonus, plus made a touch more for my troubles. I'm not sure what it is at SP but the more tables I open the more it locks-up and lags my pc. Anyways banged out another big win this morning. It would've been over $100 If some jerk wouldn't have flopped a boat when I had a higher PP. Son-of-a, the nerve of that guy.

Oh yea, I lost another nice hand. Let me tell you about this doosy. (Is that a word. Spell check told me to grow up. LOL.) I have 48, and yes it is the BB. Flop comes 489, and yes my mouth is watering. I bet and get 1 caller. Turn is J. He checks to me and I bump it up nice this time and he calls again. River J. Son-of-a. He checks, and catch this, I did something on the river that I just learned, I checked instead of pushing with the scare card on the board. Anyway, this fag turns over the 9. His kicker sucked so I just couldn't believe the dude kept calling. Runner runner to take this nice pot from me. Hey this was kinda' like a rant. OK, I'm done whining now.

Online Bankroll
Total $2574.05

Well another good night

To start off I missed tonight's TPFLII game 4. My Bro came over and the Fam got together to play a little poker. There were 6 of us and we were playing $5 buyin tourneys. We played 3, where 3 places played out. I got head to head in the first one and my Bro took me down for a 2nd place finish. 2nd game I got 1st. heads-up with my mom, I got pocket rockets and slow played them to victory. Game 3 I got 4th. I tried to bluff with my KT and my sis called me out preflop with Ax. No help on that hand and I shortly blinded-out a few hands later. Damn that sucked, because I was on the bubble and fairly well off in chips at the time. I made $15 so it wasn't all bad, except my Bro took me out heads-up and is rubbing it in. LOL.

I bankrolled my bro a little bit of my bankroll tonight on UB. We played 3 50NL tables and also 1 tourney. I had another good night, though it was a slow arduous grind. I made 1 play that I feel proud of. I had AK in EP, bet $2, and got 1 caller in LP. Flop came Q8Q. I checked. (OK, now that I think about how passive the check was, maybe I'm not real proud of it. Son-of-a.) Anyways he bet $4 and I thought about for a second and raised him back another $4. He called. We checked it down the rest of the way and I took it down. Damn, I guess other than the raise over top of him, I really played this hand way too passively. Ahh, who cares, I won anyways.

As for the $5 tourney that we played - it started out with 180 entrants. Only top 20 places paid out. I made It all the way down to 24th where I got blinded out. So close yet so far, as they say. My bro did make the money though. He got 16th and his entry fee plus a little extra back. Though, the hand that he lost would have put him in the top 3 in chips. The reason that I mention it is because it was a horrible beat that started a long rant that Robbie Rob would even find long-winded. He had the guy dominated and the guy hit a straight with his bottom card.

This is 4 days in a row that I made more than $50 at the tables. I just don't even know how to feel about it, other than ecstatic. As my 1 Bro would say - BAAAAAM. He can get away with filching Emeril's line because he's a Dago also, plus he's been saying it since before that cooking show even came out. Must just be an Italian thing.

Until next time - it's back to the bat cave for a day of sleep.

Cashmoney Bankroll
Total $670.00

Online Bankroll
-50.00 (bankrolling my Bro)
Total $2488.99

Saturday, May 13, 2006


This was my most lucrative night of poker ever. (Online) $100 was a Party bonus, but hey, that money folds too. This is 3 nights in row that I've won at least $50. That's got me thinking poker, poker, poker. (I feel all warm inside. LOL.) I played mostly real tight tonight and never got stacked once. I lost a few nice hands, but I seemed to know when I was beat. I didn't try many moves other than the normal CB'c and probes. If it was iffy and I wasn't real sure I had It and the betting got intense, I just dumped it and waited for a better spot.

There was a comment that was left about my bankroll. It got me thinking. I now have 25 max buyins for the 100NL tables. That's 50 buyins at the tables I am currently playing. Sad really. But just like how I was timid about the move up from $25 to $50, I am having those save feelings about this move. Who knows, maybe my balls will drop and I'll have a pair. Then maybe I'll make that move. I seem to be rambling here, so I'll wrap it up. I'm thinking somewhere between $2500 and $3000 I'll do it. Maybe I can do a little test and see how I do with scared money. Not usually too well. OK, It's 5am and time for this vampire to hit the cave.

Online Bankroll
Total $2468.49

Friday, May 12, 2006

It's 4am and I'm done

I think I played too long tonight. I feel being tired was part of my bad play the last half of tonight's session. I left UB at 2 am just tearing the tables up. I was in a zone. I had $125 when I left. Some money was finally in NT so I could transfer $500 to Party and take them up on their new bonus offer. In the last 2 hrs I donked off $75. I'm happy to be up for the day but mad at myself for losing over half of tonight's earnings.

Online Bankroll
Total $2236.54

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here's that poorly played hand from last night

Look at the hand first and see what your thoughts are on my sad play. Then read my analysis of my play and see if we agree. If not, feel free to leave a comment. Even if it's, "You suck, dude!" I can take it.

Game #2330181494: Hold'em NL ($0.15/$0.25) - 2006/05/10 - 23:47:16 (ET)
Table "Sadko" Seat 9 is the button.
Seat 1: mcash2 ($24.35 in chips)
Seat 2: kemurray ($8.50 in chips)
Seat 3: NotBlinkn ($17.95 in chips)
Seat 4: wielder73 ($29.60 in chips)
Seat 5: Mercur003 ($24.10 in chips)
Seat 6: splash5 ($7 in chips)
Seat 7: Bruns0n ($7.48 in chips)
Seat 8: shixy sits out
Seat 9: Di3h4rd ($28.80 in chips)
mcash2: posts small blind $0.15
kemurray: posts big blind $0.25
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to mcash2 [Qd Jd]
NotBlinkn: folds
wielder73: folds
Mercur003: calls $0.25
splash5: folds
Bruns0n: folds
Di3h4rd: folds
mcash2: calls $0.10
kemurray: checks
----- FLOP ----- [8s Qc 5h]
mcash2: checks
kemurray: checks
Mercur003: checks
----- TURN ----- [8s Qc 5h][9h]
mcash2: bets $1.25
kemurray: folds
Mercur003: calls $1.25
----- RIVER ----- [8s Qc 5h 9h][Qs]
mcash2: bets $3.50
Mercur003: raises to $7
mcash2: raises to $22.85 and is all-in
Mercur003: is all-in $15.60
Returned uncalled bets $0.25 to mcash2
----- SHOW DOWN -----
mcash2: shows [Qd Jd] (Three of a kind, Queens, Jack high)
Mercur003: shows [8h 8c] (A Full House, Eights full of Queens)
Mercur003 collects $46.05 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot $48.45 Main pot $46.05 Rake $2.40
Board [8s Qc 5h 9h Qs]
Seat 1: mcash2 (small blind) showed [Qd Jd] and lost
Seat 2: kemurray (big blind) folded on the Turn
Seat 3: NotBlinkn folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: wielder73 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: Mercur003 showed [8h 8c] and won ($46.05) with A Full House, Eights full of Queens
Seat 6: splash5 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: Bruns0n folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: Di3h4rd (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

I was way too passive here on the flop. I should have bet. He would have either raised hard or called.
I did the turn and the first bet on the river ok, I think.
My reraise on the river was horrible IMO. Likely the only reason he would even call this reraise is if he has me beat. The most likely hand was a Q with one of the 2 kickers that have me beat IMO, 2 different straights, and 3 different fullhouse possibilities. Looking back at the hand, not at the result of the hand mind you, I should have just called his raise on the river.
All I could see were those hot looking triplets. Son-of-a.

Nice day for me after a few rough ones

It's 2:15 am and I'm calling it a night. Not a bad day today all around. 3rd in TPFLII plus close to a hundred bucks at the tables. I was down quite a bit today before it turned around for me. Quad 9's helped a little. LOL. I made a horrible raise today. It had to be one of the worst hands that I've ever played. I'll try to find it tomorrow morning and post it here for you to laugh at.

Online Bankroll
Total $2187.38

click, click, Boom or I wish it was always this easy

I've had some pretty stagnant sessions as of late.

Nothing like one of these hands and a guy with the 4 of clubs to get the poker gods moving again.

$0.25/$0.50 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:24:07 ET - 2006/05/10
Seat 1: -4WS-Madman ($50.60)
Seat 2: Rizthekid ($173.75)
Seat 3: Duff87 ($45)
Seat 4: varndog ($49.55)
Seat 5: memberley ($81.45)
Seat 6: shakabuku ($60.40)
Seat 7: ericft ($51)
Seat 8: mcash2 ($49.25)
Seat 9: abourbs ($62.20)
abourbs posts the small blind of $0.25
-4WS-Madman posts the big blind of $0.50
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to mcash2 [9h 9d]
Rizthekid folds
Duff87 folds
varndog calls $0.50
memberley calls $0.50
shakabuku folds
ericft folds
mcash2 calls $0.50
abourbs calls $0.25
-4WS-Madman checks
*** FLOP *** [7c 9s 9c]
abourbs bets $0.50
-4WS-Madman folds
varndog raises to $3
memberley folds
mcash2 calls $3
abourbs folds
*** TURN *** [7c 9s 9c] [Qc]
varndog has 15 seconds left to act
varndog bets $9
mcash2 calls $9
*** RIVER *** [7c 9s 9c Qc] [5c]
varndog checks
mcash2 bets $36.75, and is all in
varndog calls $36.75
*** SHOW DOWN ***
mcash2 shows [9h 9d] (four of a kind, Nines)
varndog mucks
mcash2 wins the pot ($97.50) with four of a kind, Nines
varndog is sitting out
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $100.50 | Rake $3
Board: [7c 9s 9c Qc 5c]
Seat 1: -4WS-Madman (big blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 2: Rizthekid didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: Duff87 didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: varndog mucked [Qs 4c] - a flush, Queen high he called allin river bet with a 4 of clubs.
Seat 5: memberley folded on the Flop
Seat 6: shakabuku didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: ericft didn't bet (folded)
Seat 8: mcash2 (button) showed [9h 9d] and won ($97.50) with four of a kind, Nines
Seat 9: abourbs (small blind) folded on the Flop

Yes in the money and points again in the TPFLII

I got 3rd place out of 10 players last tonight in game 3 of TPF League. Which just barely keeps me holding that 1st place overall spot. I actually played well tonight I feel. Getting some nice cards also helps. LOL. It was down to TP, Eejit, and I. I checked with my pocket T's, hoping for a raise. Eejit raised, and I went allin. He called and turned over AJ. He flopped his J to take out my hopes and dreams, oops, I mean T's. This is twice now that I've gotten knocked out when I've had the best of it going in. At least eejit had a real hand and it wasn't that damn Hammer this time. All in all, I'm very happy with my current standings in the league and never thought I'd be where I'm at either.

TPFLII bankroll
Total +2.00 WOOO in the positive

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here's last night's forgotten post

OK, not forgotten - I just had another sucky day at the tables. It almost seems like now that I'm writing about my sessions, that they have died down. Obviously too short of a sample to put any credence to that theory, but I can whine can't I? At least my losing sessions lately had been small ones. I lost less than $10 but it still hurts. I also had a hand history to post here and at TPF but I didn't save the right one. Son-of-a.

On the bright side, I'm off of work tonight, so I will be able to play in the league game.

Also, I don't know why I feel weird about it, but I went to a different forum and pimped out my blog trying to up my reader base. I'm a loser, I know.

Online Bankroll
Total $2101.33

Monday, May 08, 2006

FREAKIN' SWEET - OK, maybe not

I played for 2 ½ hrs again this morning after I got home off of night shift. I had 3 tables going on UB because FT only had 1 full table open. I also had a table at Sun Poker going (Sun also only had 1 $50NL table open,) slowly pecking away at their monthly bonus. All in all, it was a pretty uneventful morning. I won some nice hands that I felt I played well and I straight-up donked off all those profits on some downright stupid plays. I should’ve saved a HH or 2 for you guys, but I don’t think anyone could stand the stench rolling off those plays at the pot.

To be totally honest with you all, I hate the passivity of my game. I am trying to work on it by incorporating more bluffs and semi-bluffs into my game. Right now my timing is slightly off, thus the extra donk plays. Hopefully it will get better with time. I went through a similar, painful transition period when I added CB’s and probe bets to my game. They don’t always work out for me either but at least I half-ass know what I’m doing and when to try them.

I also had a few hands where my opponents hit their cards on the river after I bumped the pot up the whole hand. (That’s always nice for the blood pressure!)

Anyways I made $1.77 this morning. Coupled with yesterday’s loss of $1.70, I had a net profit of 7 cents for 5 total hrs of play in the last 2 days. Freakin’ Sweet. I have a bad habit of playing dead-even poker. That’s why bonus whoring is the way to go for me usually. Ain’t nothing like free money to help you out of the doldrums, I always say. (Well, now that I think of it, this is actually the first time that I’ve said it, but hey… sounds good anyways.)

Online Bankroll
+1.77 Freakin' Sweet
Total $2109.62

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Today's session and a few questions for the readers

I was only able to play for 2 ½ hrs today before I had to leave for work. I actually played halfway decent today, though I ended down a measly $1.70 for my efforts. I was up about $50 bucks that I had slowly ground out over 2 hrs when a set of 2’s cracked my A’s. I think I played this horribly. It’s not often that you can see the possible set coming. But this hand gave me a hint that I ignored.

10 seated ring game - $50 NL
I raise from early position with AsAd to 2.50 and got 1 caller in LP. (Pot 5.75)
Flop comes 2c3c5s. This flop seems pretty likely to have missed us both, unless he had a flush draw, straight likely with Ax, or a very uncanny straight, so I bet out $3 hoping to keep him around. He raised it to 6.00. Here I’m thinking that to call the 5x BB raise PF and now to think he has the best hand against my current bet and the board, he likely is holding a high PP. My best guess here is Q’s or K’s. So I reraise here to 9.00. (Pot 23.75)

Turn comes 9d. I think he has Q’s or K’s and likely won’t get off of them here. I go allin for my remaining 37.50. He has me covered and instacalls. He turns over pocket 2’s and with no help coming, takes down this pot and all the winnings I’d earned grinding for 2 hrs. I slam the mouse down, pump my fists towards the sky, while throwing my head back, and scream to the gods like William Wallace. Except it wasn’t Freeeeeeedom that I was bellowing. I’ll save your virgin ears this time.

Now that it is over I’m thinking that he gave me a hint here as to the fact that he was holding a set.

Does anyone agree?

Would anyone slow down here after the raise he made against me postflop?

Or am I just being results oriented?

If I slow down ever time I have a premium hand to the reraise, am I likely to loss profits in the long run?

OK, I’ll stop with the questions.

Because I’ve seen people call big raises PF with worse than a small pr hoping to spike big on the flop, because they already know you likely have a premium hand that you’ll find hard to lay down.

Online Bankroll
Total $2107.85

Very good night - It's 2 am and bed time

First the league win and now $150 night playing. I started at Sun Poker, where I was working on that bonus. I won $75 there but left due to only 2 tables being open in the $50 NL. Shit one of those were in euros.

I then went to FT and won another $75 while 4 tabling at the $50NL. (For now on just take it that I'm playing 4 tables at the $50NL stakes unless I state otherwise.) I lost 2 huge hands that put a damper on tonight's earnings. 1 was the Kiss of death (KK for those not of the TP Forum) vs AA. The 2nd hand was where I got the guy to put all his money in the middle on the flop, where my QQ were the best. He was on the flush draw and sucked out on me. OK, just had to get that off my chest.

Anyways, very good night, wherein my bankroll has swelled to the highest it's ever been.

Online Bankroll
Total $2109.55

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh Yea

I just won the TPFLII game 2. this puts me in first place with 37.5 points. N1kita and Robbie Rob got 2nd and 3rd respectively. I played pretty tight throughout, or until there were 3 of us left anyways. Good Game all. Pretty low turnout tonight. there were only 5 of us playing. Which probably worked in my favor. Tourney went pretty quick - less than 1 hr.

TPFLII bankroll
+25.00 (1/5)
Total -7.00

Online Bankroll
-11.00 TPFL buyin
+25.00 1st place
Total $1958.75

Cash tourney at friend's house

There were 8 of us, with a $20 buyin. first 3 places paid out. I bowed out in 5th place. I was card dead for the most part. I didn't play too many hands. I ended up going allin on the button with for 400 in chips. The blinds were 100/200. I had A4 and SB woke up with KK. No help.

Cashmoney Bankroll
Total $655

Last nights post

I played at FT for 3 or 4 hrs last night. I made a meager profit. I played really tight and made very few moves at the pot. I seemed to be card dead most of the session barely staying ahead of the blinds and rake. Nothing of real interest to report. No tricky hands or anything.

On the tourney front - tonight is game 2 of the TPFLII. I have to work for game 3 and won't be able to play so it would be nice to place tonight. I will be happy just not to get knocked out again by the Hammer (72o).

Here's the rules, payouts, and schedule for the Talking Poker Forum League II.

1) League consists of 20 events - all Poker Stars Private tourneys. The password for every tourney (unless stated otherwise) is: talkingpoker
2) Each event has a $10+$1 buy in and payouts based on the standard Poker Stars MTT payout schedule.
3) Each player also pays a League entry fee of $10 (payable to TalkingPoker via Poker Stars transfer prior to the first event the player plays in (not necessarily Event #1)).
4) The winner of each league event is awarded points based on their place in the event (see points distribution list below).
5) Overall point leaders at the end on the 20 league events will be awarded portions of the prize pool as described below.
6) TP is adding $100 to the League Prize Pool!!! And the winner also gets some loot, including a hat if they don't already have one. Pics can be found here.
7) pshabi is adding the $25 he won from this to the League Prize Pool too!!!


Based on overall points total from each's players best 10 finishes:

1st - 40% - $xx
2nd - 30% - $xx
3rd - 20% - $xx
4th - 10% - $xx

--Only your best 10 events (top 10 point totals) count toward your overall points total
--Number of points in play per event will be {Number of Players x 10}
--Number of players receiving points in each event will be determinted as follows:

3-5 players
1st - 75%
2nd - 25%

6-9 Players
1st - 50%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 20%

10-12 Players
1st - 50%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%

13-15 Players
1st - 45%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 5%

16-18 Players
1st - 40%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 6%
6th - 4%

19+ Players
1st - 35%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 6%
6th - 4%
7th - 3%
8th - 2%

Event #1 - Tuesday, 5/2/06
Event #2 - Saturday, 5/6/06
Event #3 - Wednesday, 5/10/06
Event #4 - Sunday, 5/14/06
Event #5 - Thursday, 5/18/06
Event #6 - Sunday, 5/21/06
Event #7 - Wednesday, 5/24/06
Event #8 - Saturday, 5/27/06
Event #9 - Tuesday, 5/30/06
Event #10 - Sunday, 6/4/06
Event #11 - Wednesday, 6/7/06
Event #12 - Saturday, 6/10/06
Event #13 - Thursday, 6/15/06
Event #14 - Sunday, 6/18/06
Event #15 - Wednesday, 6/21/06
Event #16 - Saturday, 6/24/06
Event #17 - Tuesday, 6/27/06
Event #18 - Sunday, 7/2/06
Event #19 - Wednesday, 7/5/06
Event #20 - Saturday, 7/8/06

All games @ 9:30 PM ET

Friday, May 05, 2006

Well pretty uneventful day

I played on FT a little while waiting for my Bro to show. I got smacked for close to $50 on 1 hand. I Had AA sitting at the $50NL. There are 3 limpers before me so I raise it up to 3.50. Get 1 caller. Flop 4A7 rainbow. I check, he checks. 5 on turn. I raise 6.00, he calls. River K. I bet and he raises me allin. I call. He turns over 23suited for the straight. Only cards that beat me here are 23 and 68, which none should have called preflop raise of 7x BB IMO. Killed me. Who would have raised post flop here with a set of Aces, with this seemingly innocent board?

Got on UB (Ultimate Bet) with my Bro and played for 4 hrs or so till 4 in the morn, We 3 tabled $50NL and also played 1 $5 tourney and a $5 SNG. I ended up a little this session. Got 4th in SNG on a bad play by me. Pushed too hard with Ace-Rag. I threw in 1/3 of my stack with A6o guy raises me allin and I call. He turns over JJ and I don't improve, leaving on the bubble. 1 plus my Bro got 3rd, losing to a bad beat of preflop allins QQvsJT. I got stomped in the $5 tourney with an early bow-out.

Online Bankroll
Total $1930.24

Down about $10 for the day as a whole. Not too bad considering I stuck with the $50 all day where I'm still not real comfortable yet.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Haven't played much so far tonight

I did some 4 tabling on PP $50 tables. Played real tight. Won about $15 bucks in the hr and a half that I played. I was actually pretty card dead. Blinded away money most of the time, but won 2 nice hands to put me up for the session.

I'm supposed to play some with my Bro late tonight after he gets back from the Casino. We will see.

Online Bankroll
Total $1955.66

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Well that sucked.

I decided to only play $50NL tabs today. I played at FT and was 4 tabling for a good 4 hrs. I won with AA on 2nd hand of the day and doubled my stack. From there it was all downhill. I made a few bad plays at the pot and got caught every time tonight. It was a sad evening for my playing savvy and intuition - or should I say lack there of.

Good Night, I'll give it another try tomorrow.

Online Bankroll
Total $1940.84

Just surpassed $2000 - oops, don't let me forget that comma - $2,000.

Won some more on Party Poker(PP)muti-tabling $25NL. Lost a big hand, my KK vs AA. I started whining to myself. Then 20 min later I won it all back on another table, with a scary call I might add, with my own AA vs KK. Pretty weird, it being that close. Emotional rollercoaster baby - the poker high. Anyway night all.

Added thought - I always multi-tab $50NL on Full Tilt but for some reason I don't on PP. I think it is because playing higher stakes clears the bonuses on FT quicker, yet it doesn't matter at all on PP bonuses. I see it as why risk it for no reason, yet I'm still probably losing profits by playing the lower stakes on PP. I say I'm a $50NL player That is what I should play, Right? I'll have to work on that. Confidence issue again. Son-of-a.

It's after midnight and I have to go nighty-night.

Online Bankroll
-$11 for TPFL fee
Total $2025.04

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I knocked TP out with a bad beat and then...

I went out 11/14. Damn that sucked. I had fun though. First I knocked TP out 77 vs 88. Later, got knocked out by boobielover - my KQ vs 72o. Some would say poetic justice, but not I, not I. 72o, ouch. I made a few plays. Only got caught once. Rob called my A3 bluff, though I don't feel to bad about it because he had a boat. I didn't feel totally out-matched here though, so we'll just have to see how I do next time.

TPFLII bankroll
-11.00 (11/14)
Total -21.00


I just knocked out that TOPBUCKS40 bonus for $100. And while I was doing it I made $40 6 tabling $25 NL at Party. I'm all siked up and ready for the TPFL tourney tonight. I just deposited $300 more onto Party Under the TOPBUCKS50 but there was no bonus i guess. Damn that sucks.

Online Bankroll
+141.04 ($100 was bonus)
-$10 for TPFL fee
Total $1980.04
I thought it would be easier to track my progress by keeping an ongoing tally at the end of most posts. It will track both my online and cash bankrolls. Also I will track my TPFL earnings or losses, whichever that may be. TPFLII 1st tourney tonight 9:30 sharp – be there.

Online Bankroll
+ 32.63
Total $1848.44

Cash money Bankroll
+ 20.00
Total $674.00

TPF League Bankroll
- 10.00 (entry fee)
Total - $10.00


I decided to join the Talking Poker Forum League (TPFL). I don’t have much tournament experience, but I figured that I would give it a shot. If for nothing else, the camaraderie and valuable tourney experience. Plus, I’m sure a lot of hands will be generated and discussed on the forum. Being in the actual hands that are being critiqued, will surely add more depth and understanding to the analyses for me.

Every little bit helps

OK, I finally played a little poker last night after work. I did some multi-tabling on Party, trying to knock out that TopBuck40 $100 bonus. I was playing anywhere from 4 to 6 $25 NL tables at a time. 6 is a little much at times – like when I have more than 1 thought-intensive decision to make at the same time. But for the most part it helps me play tight, though I notice also that I make less plays at the pot when offered. A little give and take. I’ll have to get around to using that Poker Tracker software that I bought and see exactly how many tables are profitable for me. I played around 500 hands and made an average of $6.50 per hundred hands last night playing the $25 tables. I’m not sure if this is average earnings or not.

Online Bankroll
+ 32.63