Sunday, April 30, 2006


I’ll explain my blog’s concept and structure, but first, a little background history.

I started playing about 2 1/2 years ago. I started in free money at True Poker for 6 months or so. And like most starting out, I played everything down to Jx suited and every 3 spaced suited connecter. Then, my first poker epiphany; there was something called strategy. I read Hellmuth’s book and found Ultimate Bet and get this, a tighter NL game. I started on UB in free money and stayed there for a few months. I then talked the ol’ lady into $25 bucks. I made it about 4 months on the .01/.02 tables. I bought back on for another $25. I made it only a month. I took 6 months off. I dropped a fifty into my depleted account. Slowly I dwindled this bankroll down to $9 and decided I needed a new angle. I started a poker journal and started tracking which hands I lost on and which I won with. I made it back up to $30. I started reading everything I could get my greedy little hands on. I began to grow as a player. I got $50 and started playing 3 tables at a time. I went up to the .05/.10 tables at $100. At $150 I moved up to the .10/.25 stakes. I then took my initial $100 off so I could play with sheer profits. At the start of this year I had $180 in my online bankroll. I read every strategy article I could find on the Internet. I incorporated some of these into my game to help me become a more rounded player. Yet for 3 months I seemed to be at a poker standstill. It almost seemed like the more info I digested the worse I got. Then in February I started going to the Talking Poker Forum. Talking with other poker players and reading how they would play different aspects of hands, I feel, has helped my game grow. I have taken my tight/weak game and added some aggression. I’ve learned to not only think about my hand, but also what my opponents are playing. I have lately taken that $180 and on a big rush, have turned it into $1800. My goal is to get to the $1/$2 NL games. I am currently playing the $50 NL tables. And my goal is fully in my sights.

I’ve started this blog to help me think more about poker and maybe to help someone else with their goals in poker as we strive to make it big.

I’ll keep you informed of my trials and tribulations on my journey to the $1/$2 NL tables.
Hopefully I won’t have to inform you of too many bad beat stories and the inevitable down swings.

I’m not disciplined enough to update this blog daily, but I will inform you of anything significant in my poker career. I will also go through the occasional hand history with my thoughts on what I did wrong, what I think I did right, and what I plan to do in similar situations in the future. Also I’ll tell you about the local cash games that I frequent and my progress with that.

So sit back and hopefully enjoy the ride as I try to advance up the poker ladder.