Monday, July 31, 2006

The Bad Vibe or The resuck

I only played for a few hrs yesterday. I just couldn't get in the mood. I was up about $80 early on, but a few bad beats later and I felt it was just better to quit for the night. I had a bad vibe.

One hand worth mentioning was me mighty resuck. I get AK. I raise to $3 with 1 limper before me. I get 3 callers, limpy included. Flop 566 rainbow. All check to the last to act guy, and he pushes for $11.13. Both other guys fold and I go into the thinktank. OK, it wasn't that big of a call but hey it was still $11 with nothing but high card. I think he is trying to buy it, he only has $11 at a $100 table which also supports him trying to buy, plus I have 2 overs. So I call. He turns over 2Ts. I'm gloating inside about my call when the turn brings a suckout T. Son-of-a. The the river brings the beautiful resuck K. Yea, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Online Bankroll
Total $2612.16

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ahhh, The Quickie or Oh Me So Sleepy

I played for an hr this morning. Nothing much to report. I didn’t get any premium prs, sets, flushes, or straights in that hr. I won my money with a bluff and TPTK. I was tired, had a long night at work so I went to bed. Mill wasn’t running well.

Online Bankroll
Total $2598.78

Friday, July 28, 2006

2 Days or Just Waiting For My Days Off

I don’t have the exact numbers, buy I do know roughly how the last 2 days went.

Thurs morning after I got off of work I played for a little over an hr. I lost $120. I can’t blame this loss on the cards at all. (Other than not giving me the nuts. Damn dirty cards.) I made 2 bad plays that cost me dearly. One was a total bluff on every street. I don’t know why I just kept bluffing. That one hurt. The other one, I just couldn’t drop TPTK to a push on the flop.

This morning I played for little over an hr again. This time I made $60 or so. I played tight and calmed down on the bluffs. I did make a couple small one on the flop and took down those pots. But I wasn’t going to put in any more on those pots.

I plan on getting some poker in on these days off. An hr here an hr there just isn't the way to play the game of patience.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It Continues or Onward Ho

This is just nuts. I go from my worst week ever to maybe my best. I continued to play good last night. I was very patient, waiting for my hands. I also played those hands very hard. I would throw out CB's and bluffs and semi-bluff when I missed sometimes. I usually took down the hands that I tried these plays, because everyone knew I was tight, thus giving my plays some clout. I'm starting to be quite aggressive post flop. I'm liking this a lot. I am still rather passive PF which isn't by the book. Because I don't bet a lot PF when I do often everyone gets out of the way or folds to my flop bets. They know what I have. This is definitely a leak in my game. Luckily, sets, 2 prs, and BB specials pay the bills.

Online Bankroll
Total $2658.56

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

T-ball or New Earnings Record

Monday night I played like a pro. (OK, semi-pro. LOL.) I still played my tight game, mostly. I did throw in a few plays when I was card dead for a while. I would be folding so many hands during those cold streaks, that I could usually pull off a few plays. The big thing was that I seemed to have an inherent sense of when I was beat. I didn't chase much and I didn't get deeply involved without a strong hand. I'm sure that I dropped a few to nicely timed bluffs. (But as they say to the aggressor goes the spoils. They do say that right?) I was just setting them up and knocking them down like T-ball. This was my best night ever. I made close to $500.

I'm on the Big with AcKc. MP player named Donk limps. SB calls. I raise it to $4. Donk reraises to $13. I normally (OK, always) fold here but my brain wasn't listening. I was up a lot and in a groove, so what the heck, is what the ol' noodle was pondering. OK, I call. 5s5c9c flops. I check. He bets $13. I think about it and call. Turn 2 of hearts. Time for the check-raise. (What? You heard me!) I check. He bets $25. I raise it to $60 and bite down on my fist and pray. (It kinda' sounded like this. Foldfoldfoldfold fold please flop pleaseplease fold fag come on fold... OK, you get the drift.) He reraises me allin. (Damnshitdamn...OK, calm down, you have outs and it's only $9.50 to call $179.50.) I call and it's pray time again. Clubclubclub come on club club. Sorry, but this is what I do.) And the river comes... wait for it, wait for it... DRAAAMA... 6 OF CLUBS.

OK, here's another one. Not as dramatic, but here it is.

I limp from UTG+1 with 44. UTG+2, button, and the BB also limp. Flop 832 rainbow. Checks walk the bases. 9 on turn. BB checks and I bet $2. 2 call and BB folds. River comes 7. I check as does UTG+2. Button bets $6. I raise it to $24. (Oh yea, that scary-ass check-raise baby.) He folds and I take it down with 4's

I'm starting to put a few of these aggressive plays in the works. It is great when it works. My tight image surely helps on these plays. If I've been at the table a while, the observant players usually will fold anything other than a monster, often folding and showing me TP weak kicker. I don't throw out these plays often, but I'm glad that my game is expanding.

Sorry about the braggart display of plays gone right. Believe me I try them at the wrong time also. Here's 2 other big plays that I noted when they happened.

I have KK and raise it up. I'm called buy 1 guy. Flop K4x rainbow. He checks and I slow play with a check. Brick on the turn and we play the same sad game. River brick. He bets out pot. (Bingo) I raise, he reraises big time. I have the nuts. I realize that he wants me allin so I go. He calls and turns over a slowplayed set of 4's. $100 richer.

EP player limps. I raise to $4 in MP with QQ. LP player goes allin for $10. He is a pushmonkey that usually sits with $20 and rebuys for $20 more about 6 times a night. EP limper calls the $10. WTF. Was he slowplaying AA or KK from EP? NO way. I guess that he isn't real strong, but figures that I'm going to fold here, and he wants to race the pushmonkey. He only has $11 left himself so I reraise to put him to a allin decision. He calls. I turn over QQ. Pushmonkey 99. (No big surprise) EP donkey A9. These retards have 4 total outs. (Unless, I'm guessing, the astronomical chance of 4 cards of their suit hitting the board. Also which aren't of my suit.)But as you can probably already guess the one outer comes and the pushmonkey wins with a set of 9's.

I am very happy with my play here. (And winning a lot of my races also helped.)

Online Bankroll
Total $2375.20

Good Bonii or OK Party Gaming Is Back On My Good Side

I Cleared that Empire bonus on Sunday night. I played tight and tried not to get in too many gun fights. I'm still a little leery of the bad beats I took trying to clear the little Party bonus. And for some reason I just don't feel comfortable playing there. The play is so loose and crazy you have no clue where you stand in a hand sometimes. It probably wouldn't be so bad, but I usually play 4 tables at a time, and it is hard to get any reads other than when I'm actually in the hand. It is not the smartest way to play, but it is usually profitable, so the right way for me. I made $75 for the bonus and $75 while clearing it.

Online Bankroll
Total $1897.85

Weekly Rolling Tourneys Update

I only played 2 this week and I sucked in both. I Played the Mookie for the first time. 37/50 isn't too impressive for my inaugural game. I also played the Aces Cracked Sat Night game. I pretty much sucked at this game also. 3/4 to get most of my buyin back is about all I did. My chips were up and down the whole game.

3/4 WE (Week Ending) 7/23/06

Total = -$14

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekly Update

Not a good week for me. I really didn't play much. Early in the week I tried to move up and play $200NL. I lost 3 big hands that day. That is pretty much where my whole loses came from this week. I'm almost done playing at Empire also. Good because Party just aggravates me for some reason lately. Next week has to get better. Right.

Week Ending 7/22/06 = -$529.80

2 Days or Belated Post

I played a little on Friday night and Saturday. I muti-tabled Empire for awhile knocking down that bonus. I have less than 100 hands left. I should complete that bonus tonight after the BloggerPod tourney. Hope to see you guys there. I held my own on Sat while working off the bonus. But Fri night I lost a little multi-tabling Px at $100 stakes. I just was card dead and blinded off a bit.

I also played the Aces Cracked weekly game. On 4 showed. I went out in 3rd. Almost got my buyin back. LOL. I had one hand that smacked me good. I called from the BB with Kx suited in spades. The board came J high with 2 spades. Someone bet pot and I called with my draw and over. K comes on the turn. They bet again and I call. River comes 6 of clubs. They raise and I call again. They turn over J6. That really hurt. I should have fought back on the turn with a raise. I doubt they would of folded, but that would have been the right move.

Online Bankroll
Total $1748.20

Friday, July 21, 2006

Full Tilt Blogger Tourney

I’m registered in the BloggerPods poker tournament by

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My First or The Mookie

I played the Mookie for the first time last night. This is a weekly tourney like the WWdN, which are both blogger tourneys on Stars. I plan to start playing in both of these tournaments on a weekly basis when able. I have been reading a few of these guys’ blogs for a while now and just recently started reading a few others. Most seem to be at a higher level of play than me, especially with tournament play, so I figured it would be in my best interest and fun to start playing with this group of bloggers.

Also I’ve decided to keep a running tally of my weekly stars earnings/losses. I think I might even add in a weekly tourney update so I can easily look back and watch my progress.

It didn’t turn out well at all for me in this first event. I got busted out in 37th. 50 started. I was playing rather tight, with a few steals thrown in, due to my table image. I was really surprised at how tight the players at my table were. There were usually only 2 to 3 in each hand. I also didn’t encounter any limping, min-raisers. (You hear that Greb!) I blinded down a little ways and dropped a few limps to raises or flop bets, but overall I didn’t get involved in any hands for the first 30 min. I then won a few small hands to put me up to 1400 again.

Then I get AJ s in MP. The blinds are 25/50. I try to limp. He raises it up to 3xBB. I call. Flop comes T62. I check with intentions of check-raising here to anything less than a pot-sized bet. He min-raises. I throw out a big raise fully expecting him to drop. But no, he pushes and I fold, leaving me 550 or so in chips. I really don’t know how I feel about my play here. The blinds were going up in a few minutes. I’m pretty sure I’m beat here but I likely have 2 overs. I don’t know, I probably should have called allin here. (Especially considering that it ended few hands later anyways.) I know I probably played this hand a lot more passive than most. Some people would bet with this hand in MP with it folded around to them. I don’t know. I’m likely being results oriented here but the results sucked, damn it.

I made it to the SB and find K6 suited. It is folded around to me. I push and to my dismay am called. The BB turns over QQ. Son-of-a. No K and I log off and go my ass to bed with dreams of what if.

I had it all pictured when I registered. I would make it to the final table and they would start typing in the chat box, questions about who was this masked man. And then I would knock everyone out one by one with amazing moves that left the remaining players spellbound as they waited in terror for their own inevitable demise. (Oh yea, did I mention that I freebased some crack while I was registering for the game.) Delusions of grandeur - aren’t they fun.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Better Bonii or Hopefully This Turns Out to Be a Bonus

Well I played for 1 ½ hrs or so last night. I started working on an Empire bonus. It is going a lot better as of yet, than it did getting my Party bonus cleared. Empire is a skin of Party, so it the same tables that I playing at, making it is just the luck of the draw that I actually made money yesterday. I know in the long run I will make good money on party, but in the short term the variance is great due to the looseness of the players. It is quite hard to put most players on a range of hands. So often they will bet or call you down with pure unadulterated shit. They get you all worked up that your strong hand is going to go down to the nuts and then turn over bottom pr or some crap like that. Plus they play so many draws that the suckout ratio seems rather high on Party.

A lot of people on the forums that I’m a member of think that there is an issue with Party’s random generator. But I think the deal is the looseness of party due to inexperience of many of the players. I’ve never seen so many people chase without the proper odds than at Party. Party advertises so much during televised poker programs that there is always a steady stream of new fish coming in.

So anyways I played slightly over 200 hands out of the 750 that I need to clear the bonus. I have 6 more days, so by multi-tabling I will have no problem getting this done. Hopefully I can maintain my current performance. I’m also getting close with my Party Points to get that 300 piece chip set that I’ve been eyeing up. I’m hoping the chips actually have Party printed on each chip. That would be cool for the local home games that I frequent.

Online Bankroll
Total $1834.49

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Damn Party To Hell or Bonii Are Usually A Good Thing

I played for 1 ½ hrs yesterday. I was finishing up that party bonus. Once again this didn’t work out well for me. I had 2 bad hands that cost me a buyin each. The one good thing is that I was playing on the $25 tables while clearing the bonus. One was just shit luck, but the other one was totally my fault. I really played the hand like a donkey. I am ashamed of how I played the hand and must learn from the mistake.

First hand – Guy raises 4xBB. I call with JJ. Flop QJ2. (Looky, looky. Money baby.) The guy bets, I raise him and we both end up allin. He turns over QQ. There is no way I get away from this hand. This is just pure bad luck.

Second hand – I raise it up 4xBB and get 2 callers. I have AK. Flop comes Jxx small. It is checked to me and I throw out a continuation bet. Both call. Turn comes another J. Checked to me again. I put in a pot-sized bet and get one caller. At this point I pretty much know I bet here and likely he has a J. River comes a K. He bets out enough to put me allin. I don’t have much left and there is a lot in the pot, plus there is a slight chance that he doesn’t have the J, so I call. He turns over KJ. My play sucked here. He made a very loose call PF IMO. With my standard raise it is likely that even if he hits one of his cards he would still be out-kicked.

Online Bankroll
Total $1798.01

Weekly Update

I had some winning sessions and some losing sessions this week. I made a profit once again. I tried to buckle down a little on my plays at the pot. They weren’t working for me that well this week. Something just seemed to be off. I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet. I donked off a lot of my earnings this week. I need to start posting some hand histories and get some opinions and see if we can remedy some of my leaks.

I took out money twice this week from my bankroll. I took out $1200 for a down payment on a new car. And I bought a 1% stake of TP’s WSOP Main Event earnings.

Week Ending 7/15/06 = +$166.31

Monday, July 17, 2006

Damn DSL Connection or Baby Steps

I didn't play much last night. I kept losing my connection. I tried Party and WPEX, but it was happening on both sites. I watched myself fold twice or use allin protection when I had a strong hand. It was more than I could handle so I got off the computer and watched some cartoons with the kids. Weird how they throw in some adult-oriented content that the kids are oblivious to. Sneaky cartoon Network. And don't get me started on Adult Swim.

Online Bankroll
Total $1863.01

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shit, Shit, Shit or Holy Shit

From the title I'm sure you can deduce that I took an ass-whippin'. In fact the worst of my life. I dropped over $400. There were no $100 tables open so I opened 2 $200 tables. An the hurtin' ensues. My aces got cracked twice. I don't know if that means if the money goes in PF on not? If you know, be so kind as leave me a comment, to alleviate my ignorance.

First time a guy calls my PFR with pocket 4's and trips up. The money goes in on the flop.

I then donk off my other $200 with a very loose allin raise PF. I have Q's. I raise to $8. He reraises to $35. I think he is full of shit. I reraise him allin. He takes almost his whole time limit, then turns over AA. I was tilting here and wanted my money back, hence the crazy raise.

Then I end up on the $100 tables. This fag raises $3 PF with Q9s from EP. I make it $8 to go with my AA. He calls. Flop Q9x. All the rolls into the middle. Nice flop fag.

I don't even wait for the blinds, it is time to call it quits.

Online Bankroll
Total $1859.46

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Turn-around or Weee

I probably played 4 hrs. I calmed the play down today. It worked for me, as to not donk off too much loot. I was really card dead today. I was playing 3 tables and I was still board. I bet I wasn't playing 9% of my hands. I never hit a set once. And because I was such a rock, I didn't get many calls with my premium starting hands. But I still turned a nice profit. I just sat and waited. Luckily I hit a few Big Bling Specials. I don't know I'll play tonight, because at some point I need to get my days turned around, because I'm going back on day shift.

Online Bankroll
Total $2278.00

Yesterday or Ouchy

I played a few hrs yesterday. I was holding my own... until, my aces got cracked for a whole buyin. Other than that, I played even poker. I did try too many moves though and they weren't working often. So basically I was donking off the cash as I earned it.

Online Bankroll
Total $2069.00

Friday, July 14, 2006

Another Robbery

Well, I had to steal from my bankroll again. My car died and I need a down-payment for a new one. As much as I hate to do it, at least I have this extra money handy for these types of issues. I really need to step up my game to make up for this.

Online Bankroll
Total $2167.06

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Slow Work Days or Slight Losses

I’ve played no more than 3 hrs in the last 3 days. It’s been a long week at work. I haven’t played that bad. I lost a big hand today. (Guy called my allin with a flush draw and hit the river for a whole buying) But other than that I’m playing pretty consistent. Tomorrow is my first day off. I play on getting quite a bit of game time in these days off.

My fucking car blew up. I just paid the stupid thing off. This really sucks. The ol’ lady wants to buy a new car instead of paying for a new motor. I don’t have a problem with that really because the kids are out-growing the back seat anyways. I probably will end up robbing money for my bankroll again to pay the down payment. Son-of-a.

Online Bankroll
Total $3397.06

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Now Have A 1% Stake in the Main Event

I just backed TP in the WSOP Main Event. I now have a 1% stake if he cashes. This is going to be cool, to watch something so big and actually have a stake in it. Wish TP and I luck. I shall rub this in some faces as soon as possible.

Online Bankroll
-$175.00 Main Event Backing
Total $3421.56

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1 and 1 or Ain't All Bad

Sunday was a good day. I made over $200. I would have been close to $400 if not for a couple of beats.

1st hand – I have AA. I raise the usual PF. One caller. Flop comes K42. I bet pot. He raises, I reraise, and he goes allin for the rest of the hundred. I’m a little worried about a set here but I call. He turns over K6. What a kicker. Turn x. River, yep you guessed it, K. And the jerk types sorry.

2nd hand – The turn brings an 8 and gives me the nut straight. I get the guy to go allin with me. He turns over pocket 8’s. The river brings the quad 8. He actually did have a lot of outs here so I’m not real mad over this buyin.

Sunday - $217.34

Monday I played after I woke up. I only got to play a few hrs because I had to start my night shifts. I was card dead almost he whole time. Which really didn’t help me when I did get premium hands, because everyone watched me fold for so long that they knew I was packin’. I dropped almost a whole buyin. I was playing 3 tables and all were pretty consistent at being card dead today.

Monday - $96.96

Online Bankroll
Total $3596.56

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekly Update

Another great week. I broke my record again for amount won in a week. I played my best poker ever. Man I hope this ain't just luck. My game was clicking on all cylinders. I ran more bluffs this week when my tight starting hands missed. Worked well most of the time. I forgot to keep up with hrs played this week so I can't calculate rate per hr. But I'm sure it went up again. Good week I'm happy. My year end goal is looking attainable that's for sure.

Week Ending 7/8/06 = $584.23

Still Ticking or Pushmonkeys

I had another good day, yesterday. I made one huge bad move. At night on Px the Pushmonkeys come out. At every table there is 2 or 3. They only bring $20 to the table and wait for a good hand, and then they push. I've seen them do it with as low as TT or AJs. They suck. Anyways one of them pushed. Right before I was going to call with my JJ, the guy to my right calls. I know this isn't good for my J's, but I was up and I had a feeling. A good mix for a bad hand. He only had $27 more in front of him so I pushed. He calls and turns over QQ. The Pushmonkey had AK. Q's hold-up.

Online Bankroll
Total $3486.69

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ok Here's the Results or Play by Play

Aces Cracked Sat Game

Level 1 10/20

I hit a few flops early and make a few hundred.
1800 in chips.

Greb took an early lead as usual.

Level 2 15/30

I hit 2PR (Top and bottom)on the flop and checked. Shaman bets out 80 and I double. He calls. I throw out a few 100 on the turn and he folds.
2065 in chips.

Level 3 25/50

I have AdQh. Greb min-raises, Penn calls, and I do also. Kxx small drops, 2 of which are hearts. Checks all around. Turn - Jh. Check, check. Penn bets and I call due to the double nut draw and Greb drops. River comes a junkass 6d. He bets again and I throw out a triple raise bluff. It works. I show.

Shaman and Greb fight back and forth and I take the lead by default,

I also won a blind hand against Penn on level 3. I complete on the BB with JT. A KQT board. Penn bluffed all the way and I called him down and I beat his 65 with my PR.
2515 in chips.

Level 4 50/100

AT and also 3 others in the hand. Flop Axx small. Check, check, check, Greb bets like usual. Fold back to me and I raise. Greb calls. I bet out the the turn and Greb drops.
3115 in chips.

Greb hit a bad run of cards and bets and calls off most of his chips. He decides to push with KT. Penn calls him with KQ. Penn holds the line and Greb is the first one to bow out.

Cns1 lost a big hand in the first few hands of the tourney and was hanging tight the rest of the game as of yet. He had let himself blind down to the point where a call wouldn't really kill the bigger stacks. He pushes and Shaman calls and knocks him out on the bubble.

Level 5 75/150

Everyone is in the money and all are pretty even when the break comes.

Penn 2635
Hero 2615
Shaman 2250

I stepped it up the first 4 circuits with a lot of aggression and won quite a few pots without having to showdown.
3290 in chips.

Penn dwindles down and pushes with 54 at the wrong time because I have JJ. I knock him out.

It's heads-up time and I have have Shaman covered almost 4 to 1.

Shaman pushes and I call. A2s vs my 55. I hold up and take down the tourney.

GG all.

Aces Cracked Sat Game 0r Braggart Bastard

PokerStars Tournament #22999655, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
5 players
Total Prize Pool: $50.00
Tournament started - 2006/07/08 - 20:00:00 (ET)

Dear mcash2,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
A $25.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Thank you for participating.

Yesterday's Update or BOOYA

I came back from that big losing hand and turned the whole day around. I ended up $300 in the black for the day. That is my biggest one day total ever, online. I lost a few big and middling hands due to bad beats, bad calls, or busted plays, but overall, I was in the zone.

This is one hand I need to learn from. It turned out in my favor but it was still bad play on my part, and if I don't learn from it I will lose some big hands at some point. I'll run you through it, so if you catch yourself slowplaying this hand you can stop also.

I have J3o. (BB). Flop comes KJ3. SB min-raises, I check, and the last guy completes. This is the mistake. Never slowplay bottom 2 PR, especially with 2 others in the hand with you. It just is too vulnerable of a hand. Too often your bottom PR gets negated, by the board pairing or guy with TP hits his shit kicker. I know that this is very elementary, but I catch myself being greedy too often in this situation. I step up and finish the hand strong.

Oh yea, I also hit the Racist on the flop once. KKK. 2 of them were black. Now that's a liberal Klan meeting. More black guys than white guys. Just jokes people, relax.


Online Bankroll
Total $3320.76

Friday, July 07, 2006

WSOP Coverage Link

Poker stars sent me a WSOP streamer. I threw it on the header. Click the link to get more WSOP coverage.

Paradise My Ass

I just dropped $100 on this hand knocking me under $3000 again.

I have 99. I limp. Next guy raises to $3 and gets 3 caller, me included. 842 rainbow. I bet out $5 and next guy makes it $9. It folds back to me and I call. Turn 2. I check, he bets big, I call. River 10, I check, he bets, I push. He calls and turns over A2s. God.

Online Bankroll
Total $2953.66

Crossed the Goalline

I passed my goal. Now lets just hope I keep it there.

I didn't play to bad last night and the night before. I did make a few errors. And one I just can't seem to learn from. It's where you think the other blaind is trying to steal your blind with shit. And you hit the flop in some way, but not real hard. If you got some aggression at the full table with your kicker or hand you'd have no problem laying it down. But no this guy is full of shit, right? He couldn't he woke-up with a hand? WRONG. And you drop a nice chunk on nothing. Damn, why can't I learn, and stop doing this. Ok, I give you a few of the hands. Blind hand included.

I try to limp in with 88. Evildoer makes it $2 and I call. Flop JT4. He bets and I raise. (No, I didn't did I? Not passive boy?) He calls. Turn X-small. He now checks, I raise, and he calls. $40 or so in the pot at this point. River X-small. He checks and I bet $25. He folds and I show.

I also did a few more moves and always show my junk hands, because I'm tight. Remember? Usually works well unless I try too many in close sucession.

I try to gimp with AK. (I know, I'm sorry. Passivity strikes again.) He raises to $4 to my left. All fold back to me. I call. Flop comes QJ5. I check he bets $9. I reraise him double. He thinks a short time and folds. I show.

Now how is it I am so passive PF sometimes, but can wake up post-flop from the halls of pussidom. Limping leave too big a range of possable hans out there on the flop. I understand this but my little nags are having issues with the concept.

I have QQ and raise 4xBB. Guy to my left calls. Everyone else drops but one. Flop brings J84. First dude bets, I double, and the guy to my left mucks. He calls. Turn rolls the Q that I was wishing so hard for. Same sequence, he bets, I double, he calls. River X-small. He checks and I push with my last $40. He take forever to call, then turns over QJo for 2PR.

I double-up baby. That's what he gets for calling my raise with junk.

I dumped $50 on this dumb blind hand.

It's folded around to my A6s in the SB. I call. He raises it up to 4xBB. I call. (Remember my statement about calling raises with junk. But this is different right? Blind boy has nothing, right? OK, I'll stop being stupid because I already told you that it didn't end pretty. Onward-ho.) Flop - A95. I check, he bets, I double, he calls. Turn X. I check and he bets. I put him allin for his last $10. (Now that I look back, I'm glad this dude only $50.) He turn over AK.

Online Bankroll
+$19.00 TPFLII Earnings
Total $3029.41

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Rundown or So close to the TOC

TPFLII was last night. Here's the run-down.

15 players started.

Level 1 10/20

Very first hand I'm on the BB looking down at AT. Flop brings 7T8. He (I don't remember who. Good notes aye.) bets, I raise, he reraises, and I push. (Holy, what got into my passive ass.) He folds and I grab 300 right out the gate.

I have QJ in the SB. Everyone folds around to me. I raise and eejit calls. Flop J73. I check because eejit is agro, especially if he thinks you're weak. He bets (big surprise) I call. X small comes on the turn. I check he checks (Damn). River I check again and he bets. (I figured he'd bet out at my weakness but I'm actually a little scared) I call. He shows down 22. 800 hand.
2220 in chips.

Level 2 15/30

I limp with A4s. Flop comes 4x4. I check. Akverno bets and it folds around to me and I call. Turn 7. I check, he bets, and I raise him. He calls. River x. I check, he bets, and I call. He shows down 77.
1600 in chips.

I don't know how I feel about this hand. I really don't think I played it too badly. He just hit. I guess I could have check-raised the flop instead of the turn. But I was trying to get one more bet out of him before I check-raised the turn. I think he just got luck.

Level 3 25/50

AK and I raise 4xBB. Akverno and TP both call. Flop J, small, small. Check, check. I bet 400 and they both drop. I show.
1696 in chips.

I try to limp with QJs. Out comes a raise PF and I call. Flow comes babies. He bets out 300 and I muck. Waste of chips to call that raise PF to 3xBB. Bad on my part. 1400 in chips.

Level 4 50/100

I limp with 66 against Akverno again. Flop comes K24. I goes allin. I ask for time. I hope that he wouldn't have limped with a over pr to my 6's. He had been aggressive with me post flop. He always put me to a decision pretty quick, in our previous hands. I if he has the K like he is portraying I'm toast. If not he only has 2 more cards to take me out. I call. I can't remember what it was but it was a bluff and had a 9 in it. J comes next and the another 2. My badass 6's hold the line.
2855 in chips.

Robb comes to my table with 1000.

I limp with TT in EP. He raises and I call. Flop Q26. I bet, he raises me, and I call. Q turn. Check, check. River x. Check, check again, and I take it down. (Very passive here. No wonder he usually puts me to a decision. I likely fold the best often.)
3200 in chips.

A few hands later TP takes out Akverno and we go to the final table. A few hands after that we go to the first break. I'm 3rd in chips at break and TP has me doubled in 1st.

Level 5 75/150

I tried one hand with pocket 6's in a raised pot. I get bet out on the flop. Stupid waste of chips here. (But man if I would have hit.)
2400 in chips.

I limp with 88 from EP. Folds around to SB who completes. Pshabi on BB goes allin. I have him covered but only by 200 or so. I request time. Us you know I have a tight image, maybe tight-weak. I lose this it is push mode and I'm likely done for. If I win I am in the upper echelon of chips again. OK, off to the races. He turns over 77 and is a dig dog against my snowmen.
He doesn't suckout on me and I knock him out of the tourney.
4000 in chips.

Level 6 100/200

I have AT I limp with the small and the big. Flop comes AQ6. Check, check, and I bet pot. They fold and I pull in 600.

Blinds are hurting now. I haven't had AA, KK, QQ, or JJ, yet this game. I have had AK twice. OH, big solace. Come on Lady Variance you're freakin' killin' me.

Mayhem raises to 600 in EP. It is folded around in the BB. I push with 88. he folds.
4300 in chips.

I'm card dead for a while but luckily Studiopet to my right is short-stacked and keeps folding his SB to me. I also stole Robb's BB once, who was on my left.
4570 in chips.

Level 7 100/200/25

TP UTG limps. Folded to me on the button. I have snowmen again. I raise to 1000. Blinds leave. TP hesitates for a few, then calls. Flop comes XXX, but no A or K. TP bets small. He would always bet there, no matter what he had. I push. He folds.

Robb goes allin with a short-stack to my left. It is folded around to me. I call with 77. He turns over KT. I hold up and knock Robb out on the points bubble. (Sorry, bro.)
7665 in chips

Points total start with us five and this is the chip distribution. I was writing these numbers down while we were in hands so they are a little off, but it gives you an idea of everyones' stacks.

Hero - 7690
Mayhem - 5430
TP - 3555
De-coder - 2820
Studiopet - 2030

I play real tight and don't adjust to the short table. I want to see some head-butting while I sit back and wager on the outcome from the Lazyboy. Blinds and ante are harsh.

Level 8 200/400/25

Soon as the blinds go up, TP hits a straight with both short-stacks allin.

I play quite passive here and try to let TP and Mayhem duke it out. I try a few hands but usually drop to the flop bets. Mayhem is living up to his name and raising about even hand PF. My stack is down to 2000.

The last hand before the 2nd break, I look down at 78s. Mayhem oddly enough folds and obviously TP then raises my blind. I haven't played many hands so I figure I can possibly take this down. I push. He thinks about then calls with 92o. He types ahha. 7 comes on the flop and I suckout.

2nd break chip distribution

Mayhem - 12487
TP - 5758
Hero - 4255

Level 9 300/600/50

Real soon into level 9 I have A9s. I push. Mayhem calls me with K7o. K hits the turn and I exit in 3rd.

The chip lead goes back and forth a few different times and then Mayhem takes it down.

TPFLII or 3rd Baby

I played well overall. I played a little looser than normal on some real small pots, with bluffs after the flop to take down a few. I always showed these jems. I think these plays counterfitted my overall tight image somewhat and got me a few calls that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I took notes and I'm writing up my tourney play though the eyes of a tight weak punk. I really did well considering that I didn't get AA, KK, QQ, or JJ the whole game. What kinda' bullshit is that.

There is only 1 game left. And I'm right on the ponits bubble. I need to cash well in the next game to even make it to the TOC. And that is also under the condition that Meanness and MathBabe don't point. I really need to just take the dumb thing down.

TPFLII bankroll
+30.00 (3/15)
-11.00 Entry Fee
Total -23.00

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


short-term goal - To surpass $3000 these 4 days off. I go back Mon night.

long-term goal - To get my bankroll to $4000 this year, thus putting me firmly on the $200NL tables.

Once I reach 4 grand I plan on cashing out weekly anything over 4 G's for awhile and give my family some money for putting up with my long hrs playing.

Lets start with the mini-goal first.

A Call to Arms or Ouch - The Smackdown

Last night I played 2 hrs. I lost a whole buyin on one hand, but otherwise I played dead even poker, other than rakeback that is. I don’t know what my rake is for the week so far because Px is updating their system, and the rake hasn’t updated this week yet.

The reason why I started this blog was to help me think through problems and watch my progress. If you ever think I am wrong or you have something to add to my posts, please, I really want your help. That is how we are all going to grow in our games. I lost a big hand last night, that I think I played wrong. (Donkish, if you will.) Sadly with this hand I didn’t write anything down and I don’t exactly remember the betting sequence. So I’m sure I can’t give you enough info to help me in this hand, with how I could do it better.

OK, here’s the hand. 2 PR vs flush draw on the flop. Basically he only had to call $50 dollars at the end of our betting war to make $150. He has a flush draw and only needs 2 to 1 on his money. I gave him 3 to 1. He drew out on me and I went to bed felling like shit.

I know without giving you the particulars you can’t help with this hand. But I guess I’d like to make this post a call to arms. We need to start leaving comments with our thoughts on each others’ blogs. We will help each other grow that way. If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to participate, no big deal. But I read you guys’ blogs daily and I am going to start leaving my thoughts if you don’t mind. Anyone that maybe reads this blog that has a blog that isn’t in my sidebar, let me know. I will add it and start reading it. I think this will be nice if everyone follows though with my evil plan.

I think I will also start posting more on the forums again. I really want to start filling in some of my leaks. The big ones that I have right now are learning the odds better. Getting them to memory and using them proficiently. Also my passivity is freaking killing me. I need to transition from the tight/weak/passive player to tight-aggressive. Nothing worse than check-calling to the river and watch your Q’s go down to J’s with a river J added, because you let the other guy stay the aggressor in the hand on a low board. If I’m willing to call anything he raises I need to start reraising. Huge leaks in my game guys. Later.

Online Bankroll
Total $2847.55

Monday, July 03, 2006

Still Going or Quick Session

I played for 2 hrs after work tonight. I played 2 and 3 tables at a time. I was up on all tables when I left. I had to make a tough call on one table. I had AA and I get 2 callers to my PF raise. Flop comes like 345 or something low and chained. I bet out and the other guy goes allin for $50 more. I type set? No answer. I call. He turns over AJ and is pretty much drawing dead.

I don't get these kinda plays. Maybe I'm not aggressive enough and possibly I often fold to these bluffs. I just don't know. I also saw 2 more dumb bluffs at little pots. Both were short stacks with 1/4 buyin or less. One guy raises to $5 PF and the dumbass goes allin for $18 and is called. Dumby turns over 33 and original raiser wins with AA. The other one was even worse. Same play but this fag turns over 68s. Both get their just deserves. Sorry if I am picking on some of you guys' plays, but I just think they suck. I bluff also. But I guess I just don't mess with the PF raisers, they are usually packing.

Later and lets hope this crazy luck ride keeps fueled up and rollin' on.

Online Bankroll
Total $2947.55

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Luckbox or Suckout King

I played at Px while playing in the league game tonight. I won most of my money on trips in 1 1/2 hrs that I played. I hit trips 4 times. I didn't make much once even though the other guy had a smaller set, because 4 cards to a straight were on the board. That sucked because you know the money was going in the middle otherwise.

OK, the suckout was me this time! Lady luck's back on my side. I have KK. I raise the usual 4xBB and he calls. Flop TJx. He bets. I raise big. He goes allin for the rest of my $100. I honestly figure I'm beat here so the call was real bad. (But hey I was sleepy. LOL. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) He turns over JT. I throw my hands up in total disgust. Turn come my miracle K. I clinch the ol' sphincter and no T or J come. (If one would have come I probably would've blown-out my o-ring and would have been shitting popcan-size turds for the rest of my days. I know, I'm a sicko.)

Good night all, luckbox out.

Online Bankroll
+$153.07 suckout money
-11.00 TPFLII Fee
Total $2867.60


I start out quick and take the lead in the event. AA vs AQ. AQx hits the flop. We both end up allin and she needs running Q's to win.

Next big hand is within 20 min. I'm now the one with AQ. TJx on the flop. I think it was check, check. Turn brings Q. He bets and I raise. He calls for time. After the long wait. HE goes allin. I then take time. I call, half expecting to see the straight. He turns over T9 or T8. I hold my breath and pull it out to knock out my second victim. I now extend my lead.

I play tight from there. It goes to the final table. I blind down a while. I'm in 3rd place I think when my dumb hand shows it's ugly mug.

I squandered away my game on a bad bluff. KKx hits the board and Mathbabe checks. I min-raise 100 and she raises me 200 chips. I go allin for 2000 with my 22. She calls pretty quick and turns over KQ. Game over man. I go out 6th.

But don't feel bad for me because I won $150 on Px while playing. So if I didn't stay up for the game, I likely wouldn't have played at all after work tonight.

TPFLII bankroll
-11.00 (6/13)
Total -42.00

Aces Cracked or Opps I Almost Forgot

I played with the Aces Cracked boys again. I didn’t do as well this time. I bluffed and was called once for about half my stack at one point early on. I got that back and was slowly blinded down to around 800 with the blinds 75/150 and about to go up. I was on the SB and had A3o. It was folded around to me so I went allin. Greb on the BB called me with 75. (I don’t remember if it was suited or not. He hit 2 pr on the flop and took me down. I was a slight favorite here if he was suited and a little more so if not. At first I was kinda pissed at how it all went down and the call here. Now thinking back on his call, I really don’t know if this was a real bad call given the circumstances. He likely figured that both cards were live, and I was only a 1/5th of his stack, plus I was the short stack on the bubble. I wouldn’t have made the call in his place, because I would figure that all that I would accomplish would be to double the other guy up, essentially making that person twice as powerful. But I can’t fault him for the play because I’m out and he’s in the money if he wins the race. (Even though it sucked and likely cost me $11. Waaaaa.) GG all, I had fun.

Online Bankroll
-11 Entry Fee
Total $2725.53

Weekly Update

Another good week for the home team. Despite some bad beats and sadly, some horrible calls and bluffs, I still turned a nice profit. My best week ever in fact. I played a lot again also. I played for 27 hrs this week, most of which was Sat. (14hrs, now that's a session.) I averaged 15.37/hr this week. I keep up this pace and my hobby could turn into a nice supplemental income. (Damn, hopes and dreams.) Later all.

Week Ending 7/1/06 = +$415.09

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good Day Kinda or Bad Ending

I played for 14 hrs straight. I woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. I was in a zone, making plays that were working, while mostly playing tight, I was up I bet $300, but in the last few hrs I dropped close to $200 of that. Man I wish I would have gotten off when the getting was good. But no, that's the story of my life. I guess since I'm up over $100 I shouldn't whine too much, though that was 14 hrs of my freakin' life. I'm going to go through a few of the key hands and my thoughts.

I have 22 on the BB. Guy bets $2 and I call the other $1. Flop comes A22. The betting gets ugly from here and I win $90 off him. That's what he gets for min raising with AA.

I have AA and middle cards come on the flop. Bad guy and I go allin and he hits his open-ended straight draw on the river.

My favorite hand comes up. 69 suited in hearts. (I won a pivotal hand in a live tourney with 69 of hearts and from there went on to win the tourney. I'll have to write this up sometime and post it.) If I can limp when this hand shows up I always play it. I limp and flop comes AK9. I raise and am called. Turn is another 9. I raise again and am called. River, you guessed it, 6. I raise again, am called, and take the pot down. I'm not a superstitious kinda guy, but damn!

I have A8 of spades in MP. I limp, as does a guy in LP, and the BB calls. Flop comes KT3 all spades. BB bets $2 and I obviously call. LP raises to $7. BB folds and I call. Turn is 2d. I check. (He, he, big surprise aye.) He bets $15 and I call again. River is 7c. I value bet now and put him all in for his last $28. He thinks for a long min then calls. He shows down Th3c. I can see his aggression but that river call was bad IMO. With the way I played the hand, what did he think I had that he could beAt, other than maybe a bluff with a busted flush draw. I honestly wouldn't even have bet again on the turn. (Yes it's official, I'm an invertebrate.)

AA vs 33. He hit his set on the flop and then we both go allin. He takes down a big pot.

I played this real bad and cost myself money by being passive. KK vs 66. An Ace comes on the flop and I get scared and don't bet. He also checks. A 6 comes on the turn. He bets, I call. River comes a blank, he bets, and I call. If I was willing to call bets, I should have put it in there and aggressively made a bet on the flop.

I was up the whole time though in this session so it felt good. Too bad I lost so much in the end. I guess you can't have it all.

Online Bankroll
Total $2736.53

Monthly Update

I figured I mind as well throw in a monthly. I will also throw in may's.

Good month this month. Plus I moved up to the $100NL, except when my cheap ass is bonii whoring. I doubled my earnings from May. Hopefully I can do that again this month.

May total = +$270.88

June total = +$500.65

Bad Bonii or You Suck Party Gaming

OK, it is obvious by the title that we're about the enter The Whine Zone. Empire, a Party skin, gave me the $15 bonus up front and all I had to do was play even poker for 150 hands. But no, fate wouldn't hear none of that shiznit. (Sorry about that, MTV was on.) I ended down $25. So that means that I lost $40 in those 150 hands. The cards weren't helping that is for sure. KK vs AA and some jerkoff hitting his 4 outer after going allin with me on the flop.

I am slightly down on Paradise. (Paradise, HA, oh how it hurts to laugh.) More of the same, except I tried a few nasty bluffs at the wrong time. Once the guy hit baby trips and the other the guy just had balls with a second pr.

Thank god for WPEX. I seem to always do well there. (Until I just bragged about it. Son-of-a.)

All in all I'm down $2 yesterday and even the night before. good thing for Px and the bonus money. I still have like $70 more to get off of Paradise.