Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Mook or Not Quite Good Enough

I played the Mookie last night. I didn't keep notes this time. I've played twice I think, and twice I've final tabled. I just can't reach that money. I can in short stacked last night,with less than half of the others' stacks, yet scraped my way to 7th. I doubled once. But the blinds were killing me after the second break. I got the big-3 4 or 5 times over the night but never got any serious action. No one hung around after the flop. I would say that was the main reason I came in short stacked. I still felt good about how I played. A few nicely timed bluffs and my CB's with overs on the board took down many hands for me. I made it 2 from the money. 38 started and 5 paid. Better luck next time. My weekly tourneys aren't going well, but hey, I'm learning something more than just my ring game.

-11.00 The Mook
Bankroll Total = $1573.75

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Few Hrs or Little Drop

I put in a few hrs yesterday on Px with a few PP tabs going. I probably only put in a few hundred hands. I ended up a touch on PP and down almost half a buyin on PX. There were finally 2 tabs open on the $100NL tabs.

+$4.26 PP
-$43.97 Px
Bankroll Total = $1584.75

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This Morn or Hit and Run

I got on Party and Px this morning and only played one cycle. Ash-kids got ready and wanted a little fam time. But luckily I hit 2 nice hands right off the bat.

Hand one at PP. I have KJo. Flop comes J high. Guy bets $1.25 and I raise to $2.50. He pushes for $7 more. I call. Blank, blank, and he mucks. What did he have. Likely J shit-kicker. Very loose call on my part, but hey, it worked out for the best.

Hand 3 one Px I have AA. Flop comes A6T. Guy bets I raise and he pushes. I call and he turns over TT. Blank, blank, and And Ash-daddy goes off to play $50 richer. Too bad all he had was $50.

+$9.73 PP
+$53.11 Px
Bankroll Total = $1624.46

Party Time or A Win's a Win

I played on party last night, 6 tabling. I played over 200 hands. I made 11 bucks. I just want to play even poker and take down that bonus. No great plays or hands. When playing that many tabs, there is no room for plays. You just have to play solid tight poker and try to dodge the Party suckouts. It still amazes me, some of the crap these tards stay with.

Bankroll Total = $1572.86

Monday, August 28, 2006

Free Money or Empire Bonus

I was reading on the 2 forums that I frequent. I read where Empire was just giving away $15 right into your account for free. All I had to do was play a hundred raked hands for them. So I played on one $25NL table while I played two tables on PWEX. I turned that into $35.40. WooHoo. Not the big time, but it will do.

I also played two $200NL tables on Px. Ain't that crazy - waiting until I have a baby roll, then playing the big tabs. Really they were the only tabs in my range that had any games going with over seven seated. I did well there also. At one point I had around $250. I made a few nasty bluffs and also won one of my largest hands ever. I also lost a big hand going for the flush. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I played these games last night. Tonight I should work on the current Party $75 bonus.

-$700 robbery
+$35.40 bonus play
+$140.42 Px
Bankroll Total = $1561.62

Sorry About the Drivel or I Think I'm Back

Ok, I'll start by saying that I haven't been in a good way the last month. I was struggling with my own mind. As I'm sure you guys all noticed, I haven't been playing much poker as of late. In fact I have done nothing in the last 2 weeks - no poker and no studying. Well, maybe a little, one tourney. My posts went from daily to almost nonexistent. School has also stole my time. I have also had a lot of personal issues running in my life, that has pulled me from normalcy. But mostly it was all mental. Hopefully I am back from the depths of dark, dread, and drear, that has been my thoughts.

Once again due to issues beyond my control, I have robbed the ol roll. $700 big ones. The eggroll is truly back. I now have less than I started with at the beginning of this poker journey/experiment. Exempting any odd issues, I truly don't see me stealing anymore money. I now must step up to the plate and rock and roll. I plan on staying with the $100NL unless I hit a down swing. My current roll can't adequately sustain too big a hit at that level.

I also finally ran across my notes from my first and only live tourney, excluding home games. I won this tournament. It started with 63 people and had a weird structure. Crazy structure actually. It was limit for the first 2 rounds and then went full-blown NL. There were some rather inexperienced players in the field, especially in tourney play, thus the structure, to allow them to get their money's worth and a taste at the game. This was over a year ago and I was rather inexperienced myself, as you will see, when you read how I managed my chip stack. Harrington would have stood-up, took off that gay stiff-billed sox hat, and ripped it to shreds as he berated me. OK, enough already. BTW, I am looking at that 1st place trophy right now with total nostalgic elation in my eyes.

Oh ya, I might have to write more despondent, irrational drivel like my last post, if it will generate that many comments. Good to know I didn't lose everyone during my depressed hiatus. I might need to up the meds. Later all.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Down With This Smiley

4 score and 7 years ago... My fellow crackians, we must put a stop to all this prancing about all willy-nilly and such. I say onward the machine of our people must trample and smite the yet un-trodden. We must crush this prancing enemy, like a bug beneath the feet of this great imperialist collective, into gossamer dust of assimilation or better yet, annihilation. Oh, how I’ve descried this pestilence of smiling and dancing spinning a pandemic of negativity, ever so spiraling our principles down into a vortex of dissolution. We must stand together my Brothers and Sisters and cast out …

Weekly Tournament Update

I played 3 weekly blogger tournaments this week. Pretty much, but not all, the poker I played this week. My performance was poor at best. I really sucked in the first two.

Last night’s game in the Aces Cracked tourney, I actually played rather well. I just ran my big hands into a few bigger hands. First I ran my 2pr into a fullhouse. I then came back from that and took the chip leader spot by taking Greb out. (Don't hate the player - hate the game. Right Greb.) I then ran two hands in a row into monsters, thus knocking me from first to watching from the rail.

The first tournament was Tuesday’s WWdN. This was my first time playing in this blogger event. I was running around with the kids while waiting for the game to start and somehow missed the start time by an hr. When I logged-on it was first brake and I was left with 700 and something in chip from blinding down. The blinds were at 75/150. Not looking good for the home team at this point. One cool thing though was the guy sitting to my left was no other that Wil Wheaton himself. (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: TNG and Gordie in the film Stand by Me and the tournament’s namesake.) He raised my blind just about every circuit, making me want to go Klingon on his ass. I blinded down a little, then doubled up twice putting me over 2000. Then I completed on the BB with just one limper from EP. The flop gave me BPSK. (Bottom pair shit kicker for those unfamiliar with the acronym.) I bet and he raised me. I then pushed. He called and turned over JJ. This was a horrid play on my part. He showed strength, yet I didn’t learn to his hint at power. I figured I could push him off TP. But he had slow-rolled JJ PF, which turned into an over-pr to the flopped board. Nice play on his part. So basically I paid $11 to play 3 hands. Boooooo. I suck.

Second game I played the Thursday WWdN. I honestly don’t remember one single hand from this turney. All I remember is feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with my lacking effort. Bye-bye $11.

The first hand I hit 2pr on the flop. Then sadly the turn and river turned Shaman’s second-pr shit kicker into a straight to take me from leader to short-stack. Very next hand I look down at JJ. I am on the SB. I get one or two limpers before me. I decide to push with my hand, playing the old fake tilt trick. This is used when hitting a big pocket-pr on the following hand after losing a big hand, and usually will get you a call, often from marginal hands. Anyways I push and rk, on the BB, wakes up with KK. No suckout for me and I end up going to bed early. I am happy with my play in this tourney. I just hit some hard luck. Kickass, another $11.

Another week of no cashes in the blogger tournaments. I will continue to play and read HHOH. With blinds going up steadily, my cash game stratagems aren’t working and I’ll have to start using the Harrington Zone theories.

I just wroke sad for the ones' I forgot to write down.

3/4 WE (Week Ending) 7/23/06
32/50 - WE 7/29/06
5/6 WE 8/5/06
Sad WE 8/12/06
5/6 WE 8/19/06

Total = -$80

Weekly Update

I have been extremely wanting for time this week. Just to give you a clear example of how little I played, my rake on Px was less than $3 this week. I spent two of my days off building a deck for my Mother-in-law. I also started school this week and have been going at my studies pretty hard. I will still play a lot of poker on my days off so my updates should pick up again soon. My major is Psychology. My first course is business, and I am finding it rather interesting. Amazing to see the contrasts in what you thought you knew and what you are learning. It is rather humbling. Oh yea, did I mention psychology. I will be able to see through you punks’ bluffs with ease pretty soon. So go ahead and save yourselves some money and FOLD. LOL.

Week Ending 8/19/06 = -$93.04

Bankroll Total = $2085.80

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weekly Update

Not too bad a week considering I probably didn't put in 4 hrs of play. Between work and family issues this week I just didn't get a chance to put in any quality time with Lady variance. I also didn't get in any tournys. I really would like to get my game going and get some tourney experience.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I did end up taking out some cash for shopping. $700 total.

Plus, I'm $190.55 into my $500 goal for August. Lets hope it continues.

Week Ending 8/12/06 = +$98.72

Bankroll Total $2878.84

Adjusted Bankroll Total $2178.84

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yo, Yo Sup or I'm Back

I’m sorry for the no post situation. I’ve been gone for a while. I haven’t played more than an hr a day this week. I was very busy this week with lots of traveling.

Ash-wife got hurt at work. She was stocking shelves in a walk-in freezer and a 20 lb box fell and hit her on the head. She got a concussion and hurt her neck. We are currently not sure how bad she hurt her neck but she is in server pain. So I have been traveling to this doctor and that doctor all week. Plus her being home with me, I have less time to myself to play, and also I help around the house a little more. I am currently doing most of the cooking, so we are eating out a lot. LOL.

Funny story. The box that hit my wife in the head was full of frozen baloney. Any sane person (or at least one with semi-perverted sense of humor or sense of others’ perverted humor anyways,) would just tell people that they got hit in the head with a 20 lbs box. But no, not Ash-wife, she keeps telling everyone that she got hit in the head with 20 lbs of meat. I’m way too immature to hear that kinda’ shit. Even after I’ve repeatedly explained it to her, she still insists on saying it. It is driving me crazy. I know people are waiting until we are out of their sight and then running around in circles laughing like a Loony-toons character. If I had to hear that Dr on the phone one more time saying, “Ah yes, I have a young lady here that got hit in the head with some meat,” I was going to snap and stick that stethoscope up his ass. I got to the point, if she would have said that one more time, I was going to point at my package, smile like the Enzyte guy, and state how I lost control of my massive male member and usually I had much more control of my gargantuan throbbing phallus of destruction. That would teach her, I’m guessing, or get my ass kicked by Ash-wife. But damn it would be funny.

I hope to play some more these next days off. I really want to make $500 this month and reach my goal. I think I will take out more money and get my bankroll at 2000 again and work my way back up. With the ol’ lady out of work and no telling when the Comp will start, I will probably need to fork some of the bill for the kids’ school clothes. At least if you look at it in a slight obscured sort of way you could say that the school clothes are free. It’s still out-of-pocket, just a virtual one.

I will stay at the 100NL tables on WPEX after the cashout and see how it goes. I’ll be bankrolled for it. I didn’t move up to the $100NL stakes until I had over $3000. What a passive-conservative punk I am/was. I still remember how I used to brag to Ash-son after a winning session wherein I made $10 at the penny tables. Ah, the days of the eggroll. I honestly could never play there again. Of course with my conservative bankroll management style, hopefully I’ll never have to worry about that.

Sorry I was gone for so long. Hopefully some of you guys didn’t give-up on me and are still with.

PS: Oh yea, remember that comment about going to the cash game and crushing it like usual. Well that wasn’t a prophetic statement and I’m a shitty soothsayer. I ended down about $20. I lost $50 in one key hand where I tried a big river bluff at a pot wherein 3 J’s hit the board on the flop. The guy in the hand with me had never slowplayed anything before so I figured him for a small PP and thus a small fullhouse. He is a huge calling-station so my play was doubly bad. He smooth-called my ¾ pot-sized bets on every street and then called my massive over-bet on the river and of course he turned over the J. Other than looking like a total donkey, what really stung was that he came into the hand with pure unadulterated junk and flopped the total nuts.

PSS: I made a little over $75 in my baby sessions over the week. Once I got allin with KK vs JJ and hit QUADS. It made my nipples quite hard. Sorry, but it did.

PSSS: If you actually make it to PSSS while writing, you honestly are a dumbass, and should have just wrote another freakin’ paragraph. In all actuality if you are a guy and are using PS's at all you need a friend to sack you a few times because you are sitting on the cusp of the sexuality precipice from which there is no return. (That’s not where I’m at. Damn it, I’ve kinda' dug myself an ever-growing hole here. I’ll shut up and let it all sort itself out. Straight thoughts, straight thoughts, he medatates while his ass is burning for some strange reason.)


Straight masculine Ash.

Online Bankroll
Total $2878.84

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekly Tournament Update

I played 2 weekly games this week. Aces Cracked and the Mookie. I didn't cash in either. All and all, I feel that I played pretty well. I was in position to make a run for 1st in both, I just fell a little short in the end. I still stick by both hands that I lost with. They weren't bad beats but plays at the pot where my reads were a touch off. Next week hopefully treats me better.

3/4 WE (Week Ending) 7/23/06
32/50 - WE 7/29/06
5/6 WE 8/5/06

Total = -$47

Weekly Update

I didn't do too bad this week. A winning week, plus already a hundred or so into my August goal. I really didn't play a lot this week. I was in the poker mode for whatever reason. I do plan on putting some poker in this next week. Plus we are actually having a cash game in the first time in forever. Hopeful the turnout is good and I crush it as usual.

Speaking of cash games I forgot to mention a few small games that I played. I'll undate my cash earnings. I played a few heads-up matches with a friend. He is super-loose and couldn't tell you what an out is. That's no joke. But he kept sucking out on me over and over. It was driving me crazy. I ended up saying fuck it and quick after he hit a 12-outer on me and figured it was fate or karma or some shit. I lost $80. Then I played a 3-handed game at .1/.25 stakes. I made 34 bucks.

Week Ending 8/5/06 = +$181.34

Bankroll Total $2780.12

Sat Game Through Ash's Eyes

Sat Night Aces Cracked Game.

There were only 6 of us. These guys often play a different game than most. There aren’t many large pots unless 2 people have absolute monsters. And then sometimes no one pushes. The players aren’t real tight, that’s not it. It’s more of a min-raise game. If you bet hard often they will call you with a strong hand that they weren’t playing hard. I don’t think they under-value hands they are just passive bettors.

Level 1 – 10/20

I limp with 44. SB drops and Greb in the BB checks. Flop comes QxQs5x. Greb throws out the usual limp-bet. I just call. 3s drops on the turn. Limp-bet and a call. River limp-bet and I then raise it to140. He just calls and turns over Js8s for the flush.

See what I’m talking about here. The only hands that he has to be worried about here are the boat or a K or A high flush. Any day I come over the top here on the river. I’m making it at the very least 400 to call here.

OK, I am totally sickened by my play in this hand. I thought I was ahead the whole time. The biggest mistake was not raising the flop. He like drops if I make it 100 to go. If not I get away from my bottom pr. To call is definitely the wrong move here. I get no info at all. He either folds or I’m done with the hand.

I limp with QJo and cns1 and Greb call. K98 flop. Cns1 checks and Greb limp-bets. I raise it pot. All drop.

Level 2 – 15/30

I’m in the BB with T8o. I hit TP on a T-high flop. I min-raise and Greb calls. 9 turn. I min-raise again and get called. River brings the 7 and my straight. I bet higher than the minimum and Greb leaves me hanging. Smallish pot.

1090 in chips.

In the BB with T9o. Flop comes 942 rainbow. Greb does the usual and I make it 60 to go. He calls. K turn. I min-raise and he calls. River brings another K. I MR and he calls again. I turn over a pr of 9’s. He mucks.

1240 in chips.

I raise 3xBb with KK. Greb calls. Qxx-small on flop. He MR and I elect to smooth-call. Out comes a J. He MR, raise it up, and he drops.

1360 in chips.

Cns1 calls, Greb min-raises to 60 and Shaman calls. I’m sitting in the SB with TT. I make a strong raise to 390 and everyone flees the premises.

1480 in chips.

Key hand – Greb vs Shaman. I missed the betting sequence here, but they were betting the whole way. A86J was the board to through the turn, 2 of which were diamonds. River comes the Kd. Greb pushes. Shaman requests time. Finally he calls and turns over AK for top 2 pr. Greb shows 2 junk diamonds for the flush, which sends Shaman down the road as 1st out.

Level 3 - 25/50

I’m UTG+1 at the 5-handed table with A6o. I raise to 150. Cns1 calls from the SB. He folds to my CB.

1605 in chips.

I just complete from the BB with KQ in a multi-way limp-pot. Qxx flop. I raise it up and Cns1 calls me. Turn x-small and he folds to my aggression.

2155 in chips.

I have AJ s and limp into the pot with plj1, who been fairly tight throughout. Flop brings QT2 rainbow and he comes in for a smallish bet. I push hard and come over the top by going allin. He asks for time, waits right down to the end, and then calls. He turns over KK and I am praying for an A. None come and I leave feeling unfulfilled.

I go out in 5th. I’m pretty satisfied with the way I played up to the end. I will even advocate that I played the final hand right. As you can see he was tight enough that he was willing to fold an over pr to the board. There were a lot of small hands that I didn’t note because the short-handed table didn’t allow a lot of time for note taking. I make a few well-timed bluffs and a few that weren’t. I grabbed the blinds a few times, and played the SB a lot looser hoping to spike or bluff a scary board. I also played overall somewhat looser than my norm, due once again, to the short-handed nature of the game.

Due to the smaller games with the Aces Cracked Boys I really need to cash often. I do understand that in the larger field of the weekly blogger tournaments that I won’t cash often. Yet when I do, I’ll get a bigger return. Though I’m just trying to learn the tourney game, it would still be nice to be up or at least not have to invest a lot of money to but proficient. I also have just recently read Harrington on Hold’em Vol 1 and am currently halfway through Vol 2. I must say these are the best poker books I have read to date.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Last Week's Late Weekly Tournament Update

OK, I can see why I forgot this. (Or more like, wanted to forget.) This was my first attempt at the Mookie. If I remember it correctly, I went out if the best hand going in. (Of course, that could just be my ego remebering. He always seems to have positive recall.) Though this is a small sample size, I'd still like to improve my tourney skills up to where my cash game is at.

3/4 WE (Week Ending) 7/23/06
32/50 - WE 7/29/06

Total = -$25

Last Week's Late Weekly Update

Oops, I forgot. Crazy to think I'd miss my best week ever. I actually had a day where I almost made more than I had ever made in a week. This growing thing is great. Let's hope my growth keeps swelling. (Damn, that didn't sound right. Let me add a quck edit there. Massive growth. There, now that sound more like me.)

Week Ending 7/29/06 = +$850.58

Bankroll Total $2598.78

The Mookie Through Ash's Eyes

I played the Mookie Wednesday night. I’ve been real busy so I just now typed this up.

35 people started the tourney.

Level 1 – 10/20

Key hand - Which I wasn’t in, was AK vs KK allin PF. A come on the flop, but just when the suckout seemed a sure thing, on the turn rolls a K for trips. That’s how the hand ends and with AK bowing out the table splits up.

I never even saw a flop during level 1. Totally card dead, plus it was always a raised pot when I was in the blinds.

1410 in chips.

Level 2 – 15/30

This was a big key hand wherein 2 people got the boot. It was AK, KJ, 23 in the hand. The flop comes K32. Everyone goes allin. A comes on the turn and 2 people go home, one real pissed is my guess.

Once again I didn’t see a flop. Shit for cards. Plus always a raised pot when I was in blinds. This is 30 min into the tourney and I have yet to see a flop. Crazy.

1320 in chips.

Level 3 – 25/50

Key hand at Table. Wadebeast allin with AA vs trkfix with 66 PF. 6’s suckout a set. Wadebeast was up so he’s not done yet.

Hand folds around to the SB who calls. I have KTo on the BB and check. Flop brings a K. he checks to me. I also check hoping for a betout on the turn. He checks the turn and I min-raise. He folds.

Key hand – Trk Q9 vs wadebeast 9x. Flop comes 99x. I can’t remember but I think trk was behind again. Q hits river and he goes to 1st place in the tourney. Trk is calling a lot of flops. He seems to be a pretty loose player that is hitting pretty good hands. At least one big suckout at this point. Wade and trk are contesting each other back and forth quite a bit and I am right in the middle. Trk on my right and wade on my left.

I have AJs and decide to limp. K high flop checks around to Iakaris, who pushes. Everyone including myself folds. Gay little hand. I don’t even know why I wrote it down, other than that I am writing every hand I play in this tourney no matter how small.

I get A9s in the BB and check. AK9 flop. I check and someone raises. I smooth-call. I check-raise the turn and it is folded to me. $600 pot.

Very next hand Iak raises UTG with a semi-shortstack. It is folded around to my pocket 8’s in the SB. I push, BB folds, and he calls, turning over A9. He sucks-out a 9 on the flop and I let out a wail of pain. We go to the turn, with my nipple erect and aching with total disdain at my luck, to which a blank falls. BAMMMmmmm I scream as the resuck 8 comes. Gotta love Riverstars. (Sometimes.) Iakaris spreads his wings and flies back to his roost, leaving with a discontented, “figures,” typed in the girly chat.

2435 in chips, putting me in 7th.

Level 4 – 50/100

UTG I try to limp with AJs. There is a raise to 3xBB and I call when it comes back around. I fold to a strong flop bet.

2135 in chips.

Key hand – Hoyazo, QQ and NewinNov, AK go allin PF. Flop brings the A and Hoy goes from 6th to last in chips.

Key hand - Very next hand Hoy pushes but finds 2 other players who wake-up with power. Wade, QQ and trk, JJ fighting again. Q’s set the flop and wade more than doubles-up.

BB I check with pretty suited-connector 87 of diamonds. I flop the flush and slow-play the hand but no one has shit so I only pull in a few hundo.

Next hand the SB I look down at KK. I raise it up to $400. Trk calls. He folds to my flop bet.

2735 in chips

Key hand – Wade and trk are at it again. They have Ak and 33 respectively and do the PF allin show. No help and wade goes home.

Key hand – Mookie pushes 98s with his baby stack and hacker calls with KQs. Mook heads to the cash game.

Break time.

2585 in chips. I am in 8th place. 8/21.

Level 5 – 75/150

I limp with KJs. Small flop and I bluff at it. I am subsequently raised allin, to which I fold. Damn that hurt.

1835 in chips.

Blind down a little and am now the short stack at the table.

1685 in chips.

Key hand – JJ vs trk’s AK. He doubles up the other guy.

Key hand – Trk with TT takes down someone with AT and the table dies.

First hand at the new table and I have KK. The table folds the blinds to my push and I stay short.

It is folded around to me in the SB with A8o. I push and Gcox gives up his blind.

1460 in chips. I am at 15/17.

Level 6 – 100/200

SB tries to call but I push on the BB with A5. He calls my short stack with K3. No suckout shit happens and I double through.

2820 in chips

Next hand in the SB I call with Jh3h. Flop brings Qd9h6h . The BB and I both check. Unnamed evildoer, who was last to act bets. I push. BB drops. Poorsap calls, turns over 96 for 2 pr, (I’m not sure he was suited,) and I’m sweet-talking lady Variance to hit one of my 15 outs. (Any heart, 3, or J.) She delivers the Q of hearts. He doesn’t fill-up with one of his 6 total outs and I double-up twice in as many hands.

I go from the back of the pack to being one of the forerunners in 3rd.

6040 in chips. 3/14

I then go on to the Final table in 2nd place.

I blind down

4905 in chips.

Level 7 – 200/400

I at 6600 in chips and in 2nd when I find myself in the SB with A9o. It is folded around to me. I raise it up to 1200. The BB is jjok, who incidentally is in first place with a whopping 22000 or so in chips. He calls. A comes on the flop. I go for the check-raise attempt. He obliges me and bets out. I push and stare in awe when jjok, who is the only person at the table that has me covered, turns over ATo. No help and I go from 2nd to out in 9th.

I can’t believe that the BB woke-up with AT. I told myself I wasn’t going to mix it up with the chipleader, but it just looked to promising to pass up. If I won that hand I would have had over 13000 in chips and likely sailed into the money. I really have no regrets.

The tourney got down to jjok and NewinNow. Jjok had a huge chiplead to start the HU. They fought back and forth for a long time, each taking the lead time and again. One Key hand where they were both about even, jjok bluffed the whole way through a hand with a board of xKJJK. Jjok pushed allin on the river and nw wrote, “damn K,” or something similar, and apparently folded the J’s full boat. New fought back and ultimately came out victorious.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last Night or Don't Forget The Suckout

Well If the suckouts keep-up I'll have this dumb goal licked in a week. Goal 1/5 over. (Hopefully no setbacks.) Other than the suckout, I waited for my hands and played them hard. Night.

Online Bankroll
Total $2802.12

The Super Suckout or Runner Runner Luckbox

The suckout was ME and god am I glad I won that hand. We are talking a $160 hand - $80 mine.

I limp with KJs. Flop KK7. I min-raise. Poorsap raises to $4. It folds around to me and I raise to $12. He goes allin and has my stack covered. I call. He turns over 77 for the flop fullhouse. Turn Q. River Q. Runner runner baby for the high fullhouse riverboat.

I play a very tight game so I usually know where I stand when I hit, so I don't usually go in a big dog often. Especially not big hands for my whole stack. I would say that I get sucked out on probably 5 to 1 or more. More being my honest guess. So I don't feel too bad about sucking out on someone. I feel it is poetic justice of sorts. OK, I'll stop trying to justify my suckout. LOL.


Make $500. I need to get to $3200 to reach my goal. Everyone should really have goals in all areas of their life. This is my poker goal. A nice short-term goal. My current life goal is to get off of crack. No, just joking. I don't want to quit. OK, no really, my current goal is to pass my first semester in Psychology. I just started, so that is the first step. Plus with those skills I should be able to really read bluffs. LOL. Anyways, pick an attainable poker goal for the month. It will help you focus and give you something to strive for. To reiterate - August, $500. Wish me luck and good luck to you on your goals.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The All-nighter or Dumb Bluffs

I put in a all-nighter last night. I played close to 1400 hands. I had some pretty big swings. I was up and then down like 3 times over the evening.

My big problem was bluffing. Sometimes when I missed my hand I was so sure that I could get an opponent off their hand. Often last night I was wrong on my read. This skill is truly an art. One I need to hone, that is certain. One big bluff that I got caught in cost me $75 and I never even made it to showdown.

On the other end of the spectrum, I made some tough calls and was right in my reads. I picked off a few stone-cold bluffs and a few semi-bluffs. I don't know which one is the bigger high, the bluff or picking one off. I guess there has to be give and take, but I hate giving away my money.

Here's 1 call that I made. It wasn't real big but he did make a nice move.

I have AQ and 3 of us limp to the flop of Q92. Check, check, ann I make it $3. Both call. Turn 5. Check, check, and I bet $9. 1 caller. River is a 2. He bets out $21. I'm pretty scared now. He leading out on just the river gives the impression of him letting me bet his monster the whole way and then value betting the river just in case I decided to check behind him. It's only a pot-sized raise so I deside to make a call with my TPTK on a paired board. Turns out that he has JTo and was bluffing with his busted straight-draw. It looked like a stop and go play.

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