Friday, August 01, 2008

Sup Guys

Things haven’t been going too well lately. I lost some huge hands trying to move up. I lost $380 in July. I worked off some bonuses though and cashed out a little. I’m still at $700 so I’m happy.

Another great showing in the Fantasy League. I made 11 events because my pros did so well. I got 6th in one of Tilt’s Fantasy Poker tourneys for a $50 payday. That qualified me for the Main Event Package tourney. 1st paid. It started with 950 or so. I stayed in top 10 from the first 10 mins of the tourney. I averaged 4th for most of the tourney. I finally went out in 22nd. That sucked. I was one of the chip leaders and locked horns with the guy that was in 1st for almost the entire time. I had slightly less than 60,000 and he had 100,000. He was uber agro and kept attacking my blinds from 2 to my left. I came over top big PF with AQo. He called Flop comes QJsmall. I bet pot or so. I should have pushed at that point because I was committed, but I didn’t really think about it at the time and my turn bet wasn’t going to be even half the pot. Dumb, dumb, move. He might have dropped his draw, but I doubt it. Turn comes an 8. all-in and he turns over T9s for the straight that whooped my ass. Man, I wish I’d just lost way earlier. Being that close and putting in all that time really sucks. Hey, it was another fun year and I won $50 and a hat.