Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ouch or Darn, Darn, Darn

First round at table today. KK vs AQs (70%/30%) allin PF. Bang KOD puts it in my ass. $25 down right off the bat. Rebuy back to $50 max. 2 hands later and still in my first circut. QQ - the ladies. EP raises with only $10 total. I want to get isolated and get his other $7.50 in. I push from MP. LP calls my $50. Shit, Shit, Shit. Aces. AA vs QQ vs JJ. (68%/17%/15%). American Airlines stays in the sky, fending off the terrorists with box-cutters.

I'm down $75 in less than 10 min and it's time for a break to clear my brain.

Oh yea, as you've likely already noticed I've started throwing in some percintages. I figured that it would be a good way to start learning them better by taking the time to look them up. I downloaded Poker Stove for this. It is a nice piece of software to have.

Also I decided to start posting hands again. I recall that by posting key hands that while explaining and typing I would get greater insight into the situations that they present. So basically I am learning by analizing these hands that I take notes on. I start realizing just how amiturish I am playing some of my hands. Even some of the hands that I win. Time to fill some leaks again. It's actually kinds of humbling to see just how much I don't know.

I am also going to start posting HH's on AC and TP again.

The Fam Game or Crush

I crushed the mini-tourneys that we played. We played 6 games. 4 games had 6 players and 2 had 5. I was on fire. I got 1st twice, 2nd thrice, and 4th once. I made $30.

In all those games I only got my money allin with the worse hand 2 times, when I didn't have to push due to a short stack and increased blinds. I'm pretty proud of that. Twice when I got 2nd I had the best going in on the critical hand. both times it happened the same way. I was slightly ahead in in chips when we got it all in the middle PF. I then got bad beat and totally crimpled chip wise and was forced to push the very next hand. Bad beat 1 - AJo vs KTo (60%/40%) - 2 - 88 vs 77 (80%/20%) I didn't mind the coin toss, but the 4to1 fav hurt.

Don't let me get too high on my horse though. Once when I got 1st I put a huge suckout on Jv. A5o vs A8o (35%/65%) After that I was back in the game. It was pretty uneventful for awhile as the table dwendled down. Then It got down to me, Jv, and Bro. Jv was buyin pots as I was waiting for a hand to slap his ass out of the game with. I checked with AJo and he did the expected; he raised. Bro called which scared me, but he knows my style well so I figured I could isolate if I pushed and Jv called. I pushed. Jv called quick. Bro looked me up and down; then he folded it after posturing for a few min. If Jv wouldn't have called it would have been a harder dicision for him because he would have to decide if I was stealing or not. But with 2 allins he had to drop like I was hoping really hard while he sat there rubbing his head exaggaratedly forever and saying that he should call and that he was holding the best hand. We turned over AJo and A5o (70%/30%) and I already started continplating my HU strategy against Bro. 5 came and Jv jumped up started screaming and doing doing his usual Kung Fu moves. I said that it was payback for my earlier suckout but I was pretty pissed inside at the poetic justice BS. LOL. I was left with 400 in chips out of the 9000 in circulation. The blinds were at 400 I think. I was the dealer so I could wait one hand if neccessary but I had an Ace. I went allin. Jv who doesn't know anything about checking down raised Bro and he folded. I beat Jv and tripled up. Bro would have sucked out 2pr if Jv would have checked it down and moved up in the money. very next hand I wake up with AQs if I remember right. Jv calls, as does bro from the SB. I push from the big. Jv calls as does Bro and I start to worry as make a side pot with what I can win. Board comes down Ace and Queenless and I figure someone paired up. Bro checks Jv the big stack pushes. Bro thinks hard then folds. Jv turns over a total bluff with no card above a seven and off-suited to boot. He doesn't realize just how bad this play is. Yes he got Bro to fold but with nothing in the side pot he still has to beat me to make anything. I beat him and triple again. Bro soon is short stacked and is taken out. I then play aggressive against Jv heads-up. He isn't used to playing against aggression only being the aggressor. He folds to a few of my reraises of his bluffs and a few where he had a strong HU hand. I dwendle him down to the critical point and then fein weakness with a strong starting hand and reraise him. Game over. I was really happy with my play in this game other than the one mistake that could have lost my game for me. Also Jv's agression was my salvation in this game and all night long really. 2 nice hands at the end along with his bad play won me the high pedestal.

Very good night for poker. It almost got out of hand once though. Bro and Jv got buzzed and started arguing about stupid shit that does matter in the big sceem of life as usual. But they let itget really heating and we had to work hard to get them calmed down enough to continue to play nicely.

Me - 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, and out of the cash once.
Bro - 2nd, 3rd
Mom - 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and in the money possibly once more in 3rd.
Dad - 1st, 1st
Jv - 2nd, 3rd, maybe another 2nd or 3rd and a 1st/2nd split.
Mist - 2nd or 3rd, and a 1st/2nd split.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Small Win or Making 3rd World Wages

I made $10 in around 5 hrs of my life. That equates to $2 an hr - 4 BB's an hr. It's enough to buy a Vietnamese child but still... Shit working for 5 hrs and not being able to buy a Big Mac - now that's a bitch.

Here's one of my leaks. The Blind Fight. I am sucked into this money-consuming ass-trap time and time again. How hard is it to realize that just because it's just you and the other blind left, that he isn't always stealing. Maybe he actually woke up with a monster under the bed. But no, my EGO (I capitalize because it big) gets all gravely and kicks out the De Niro from Taxi Driver,"You talkin' to me? No... No... You talkin' to me?) and I start firing back with starting hands that would almost always drop to a bet. When will I learn.

Folds around to ass in the SB. He raises to $2. "What, you talking to me... Make it $4." He makes it $6 and I call. Then I basically call the rest of the way with my pocket 2's. Yea that's right, pocket freakin' 2's. OK here's a wasted $15. What a leak!

Then comes the usual KOD. (Kiss of Death. KK.) I actually didn't lose much here but it just pisses me of when some fag calls my raise with shit and spikes his Ace. There's only one card that I'm really worried about on the flop (if someone sets it so be it, it was fate)and that Ace seems to come up often. I always pot raise anyways just to make sure. But so many guys play those A-rag hands and can't let them go. Away from the rant and back to the hand. He min-raises from EP. I reraise to $3.75. It folds back to him and he slowly makes the call. A96 Flop and he pushes for his last $10. What would some tard min-raise PF with, then call a over-bet-raise PF, and then open push. AQ or AJs or less likely 99 or 66. Would you push to the aggressor with a made set? Not I, I say. I let the aggressor bet then I push my last $10. So that leaves an afraid Ace IMO. If he pushed with QQ, JJ, or TT, I give it to him for having the balls and I tip my hat off to him, as I ask him to go outside for his ass-whippin'. "Head or Gut? It's your choice and be quick about it." I fold. Does anyone call this? Am I weak here?

Then comes the KOD again, but this time it's not the dumbass Suicide King. Limp-limp from UTG and UTG+1. Then I raise it to $2.75 with KOD. Folds back to UTG and he pushs his whole $8.50. UTG+1 calls. Holy crap, what do we have here. I push my $40+. He insta-calls. Board comes down all under Jack. UTG has A8o??? Only thing I can think is that maybe he was on tilt after losing a big hand, that I missed due to multi-tabling, which is why he only had $10 at a $50 table. UTG+1 turns out to be slow playing AKo or maybe he is just weak and I had him crushed. KOD holds up and I scoop in $50. 2 players fail to rebuy and there are 2 newly opened seats at the table.

Last hand of the night. I am so pissed that I decide to not even turn off the Auto Posts at my tables, I just X'ed out, took my sleeping pills, and headed for the bedroom, with thoughts of what if. This guy at the table is hyper-agro. He limps or raises every hand. He is in every hand anyways, limping more often than raising. He then mixes it up with calls, raises, and the occasional fold on the flop. He is basically running the table and I've watched lots of seats open up then fill back up as fish leave to find calmer water. (I guess, as to how I lost this the biggest hand of my night, maybe I shouldn't call others fish.) OK, I've set it up enough to try to Validate my play here. LOL. I'm SB with KQo. Limp to the flop. KJ6spades on the board. He over-bets. I call with TP, plus I have the Q of spades. X-small un-suited. He fires again and I call, just knowing that he is trying to buy this shit, but not brave enough to put him to the test. Blank on the river and I once again call him down. He turns over T2spades. Shit, Shit, Shit. Turns out he was protecting his small flush the whole time by betting. Plus the raises were him normal MO. I really played this bad. I'm not being results oriented either. If I was willing to call this fag all the way, I should have took that money and raised the flop to see where I was at. I guess unless I could go back in time I don't know if I would have believed his inevitable reraise anyways. I dropped like $30 on the hand.

So I made a measly $10 for the night. At least I see my leaks now I just have to learn from them.

OK, it's live poker tonight. Bro is coming over to Mom's house again for some Fam-tourney action. Let's see how JV's luck holds this time. I'm holding out and going for the kill with some check-raises tonight. Let's hope my luck holds and his Dago luck doesn't.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Round 2 or Ding Ding

I lost the 1st round to some gut-shots! No really I played good for the fisrt few SnG's and then when I went to the cash tables and lost the winnings and more. The cash game loses were my fault totally. I was calling big raises with shitty kickers and shittier draws.

... Cut me Mick... UH... I'm going back in there...

The jumped on UB and got 4 $50 tabs going. I played my normal game but with an extra dash of conseratisim. I soon found myself up on 3 and down on 1. I then started rat-holing when I found myself up over $10 at a table or down $15. Things kept rolling and I was playing in my usual zone. Cha-ching, Cha-ching.

I did make a few calls where I was beat, but I wouldn't classify them as bad. I won most of my races, though I was usually a big fav when the money went it. I don't think I can withstand too many coin-flips where I go in with the best and land on tails every time. I mentally really need Lady Variance to hook me up with some impartiallity for a while and let the fav when for a while. I need a confiedence boost and a down swing wouldn't be too helpful at this time.

I lost one big had for like $30 when my set got run-down by a runner-runner flush. Luckily that was the only real bad beat last night.

+$80.83 for the night.

What will tonight hold?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ramblings of a Mad Man

Holy shit… we have a celebrity in the house.

Sir Waffles actually dropped by for a read.

Gasp and swoon… I’ve caught the vapors!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Introspective retrospection

I found an old journal from early last year, I think. It is funny as hell. This is when I first started thinking about how to improve my game. I decided that I would write down all the hole cards that I was seeing a flop with. I’m pretty sure that I was just limping with most of them. Hopefully anyways. I then started watching how often I won with these hands. I also started watching how often I was getting out-kicked. I also tracked which hands I lost big pots with and what beat me in those hands. Getting better at poker is a process just like any other problem or system. You just have to keep an open mind and methodically work your way through. The genesis of my poker knowledge. It is pretty fun to get a glimpse back.

AA, AKo, AQo, AJo, ATo. AKs – A2s.

KK, KQo, KJo, KTo. KQs – K2s.

QQ, QJo, QTo. QJs – Q8s.

JJ, JTo. JTs – J7s.

TT – 22

All suited-connecters

Holy crap – no wonder I lost my first $75 playing the penny tables. Good thing I got serious and started logging my played hands. Oh, do you see how I only played suited hands from A9 down, K9 down. And real conservative (LOL) Q9s and Q8s and J9s – J7s, for the flush and straight possibilities. From the notes it looks like I pretty much played anything suited, all paint, and most cards over 8. Good stuff. I wish I would have written down my philosophies and strategies at that stage of my game. I’m sure it would be a fun and insightful read.

Baby Steps - Again

I actually sat down and played a little poker these last days off – not much mind you, but it’s a start. I played 3 $5 SnG’s. I got a 1st, a 3rd, and a 5th or 6th. The 3rd I am still a little pissed about because when it got down to just 3 of us left I had 11,000 in chips, leaving 4000 for the other 2 to split among themselves. I made a few ify calls trying to knock them out. I the lost a race where I had AJ vs KT, and of course he hit 2pr on the flop. I then pretty much donked off the rest. The Sng where I didn’t cash, I ran a nice hand into a nicer hand. It happened and though I lost, I feel justified in my choice.

I downloaded some trial software that allows me to record anything on my computer screen plus audio. I will play something small to see if I can put it on here like I have seen some other bloggers do. If not I think I might be able load it on U-tube and post a link to it. We will is. If for no other reason than I think it will be fun to try.

I played a few tables of $25NL on UB for around 30 min. I really am not playing well. I lost a big hand, thus losing what I had won from the SnG’s. This got me frustrated and I got off. So I maybe put in 3 hrs total this week. Oh yea, the hand that I played poorly.

PF – guy to my right min raises to .50. I am sitting pretty with QQ and reraise it to $1.50. Dude to the right calls. Folds back around to min-raiser who calls. Flop – J92 rainbow. Guy bets $1, I make it $3. The guy to my left pushed for $20. 1st gut drops. I know that even though I have an over-pr that I’m pretty much dead here. But the push bothered me at the time so I call. He shows AA and I lose a buy-in. Very stupid.

I truly don’t know what my problem is. I have to figure it out. But then again I need to play to figure out anything, so I need to get it in gear and play. Later.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm Not Dead

Sorry everyone for the disappearing act. There are 5 reasons for the long sojourn: I have had some personal issues going on; I haven’t been playing at all or even getting on the computer often; hunting season; Final Fantasy XII; and I have been studiously enthralled in my Psych books. I will try to post more often that’s for sure.

I have really been dead and disinterested in poker. I just can’t get thrilled about sitting down in front of the virtual dealer. I haven’t played online in a month. I think what happened was that I got burned out after cashing out my roll. I cashed out most of my roll a few months back and then loaned out most of what I had left online. I was down to $30, then I moved down stakes drastically, and needed to make a comeback. I was down to $12 so I pulled out a strategy from my past, one Thrash coined shoeclerking. I played non-stop for a while and took that $12 and got enough of a roll to start climbing stakes and going back to my normal style. I took that $12 and at its zenith got it to $950. Then came Lady Variance from the depths of the maelstrom. She slapped me around time and time again. Going in with the best of it meant nothing to her. 2,3, and 4 outers were her weapons of choice. I honestly couldn’t win shit. My roll kept dwindling. My confidence dropped. I started second guessing my reads and plays. I went from playing solid poker with bad luck to playing bad with worse luck. I also started playing coin-flip poker, which is never good when you’re running bad. I began raising and chasing draws without the odds like the world owed me the outs to win big pots. I truly was playing bad the worse my luck ran. I said fuck it a month ago and decided it was time for a rest. My eggroll currently sits at $400 waiting for me to re-enter the ring. I still don’t feel ready, so I wait in the corner with the cut-man, listening for the bell to go, "Ding, Ding."

It Makes A Daddy Proud

I have been sitting with Ash-boy, who is 11, in my heated deer blind, with my bow. I haven’t even been hunting real hard this year. I have maybe sat 6 times now and it is already 2 and ½ months into bow season. I only have 2 weeks to go. Funny story, for those with a sense of humor, and aren’t Dr. Spock liberal nuts that love the FCC and the like. (Quick factoid: Dr Spock’s son committed suicide. I just find this funny – this guy writes a book telling the world how to raise their kids, yet obviously there must be some flaws in his techniques.) Let me set it up a little real quick. I let my kids cuss a little bit. It doesn’t bother me that much. They know that they aren’t allowed to cuss at school or in front of grown-ups. (If you think your kid doesn’t curse when they are with their friends – you have blinders on.) Anyways, I have a huge doe come in right before dark. I tap the boy and tell him that a deer is coming in. I grab my bow. I am shooting whatever comes in. This is the first deer that I have seen all season and it is going down – buck, doe, or fawn. It’s time for some jerky. The doe comes in and Ash-boy whispers it’s a big one daddy. I wait for a broad-side shot. There she turns, opening up those vitals for me. I draw back and let it go. Thwack. It hits her hard. (Actually I double-lung her, plus it went thru the heart also.) She tucks and runs. Ash-boy shouts loudly and all excited, “You smoked that motherfucker daddy!” I said wo boy calm down over there. Watch your mouth. But I couldn’t help laughing at his statement. It kind of brought a tear to my eyes. I was there for my boy’s first motherfucker.