Saturday, June 21, 2008

Long Overdue Update

I have had a good year so far. I am up $1794. I made $800 with my old style. I changed my game up and made the $1100. First off I read both HOH cash game books. That really helped my game. Also I have gotten quite agro in late position. I downloaded the Poker Tracker 3 60 day trial. I will buy this for sure. I have also played a lot this month due to buying a laptop and being on a winning streak. Next month should be a profitable month also, due to Tilt having a mid-year Iron Man bonus. I will get a $250 bonus to work off next month.

Also I got rid of my EP and early MP limps with A-rag-suited and SC’s and gappers and sometimes KQ, which has helped my bottom line. This has helped greatly saving small amounts of money. I had a bad habit of limping in from any position and if it was raised to $1 or less I would call. As you know you don’t hit often enough to make this a +EV play. Plus, when you hit it is usually a draw, thus loses more money because I will chase the flop without odds due to OK implied odds and the small amount for the flop bet. I still only play the right odds for the river card. I fold KQ to a raise PF if the raiser is tight. Now I wait until LP position to either raise with these hands to make it less likely for a raise plus I with be in position on the flop. I don’t play too many gappers. I will cold-call PF raises with SC’s if there are a few callers.

My poker Tracker stats are awesome at the moment. I downloaded it 13 days ago and I have played every day so far. I am up $700. I am on a 13-day winning streak. 28 max buy-ins at the $25 NL tables. I have played close to 40 hours in that time. I have seen 16000 hands. My BB/100 is 8.74. I am averaging $18.48/hr and 53.90 a day. 2 buy-ins a day is very nice. I played a lot yesterday and made $175.

FT started having deep stack tables. At the $25 tables you can buy-in for $50. I always try to get on the deep tables to eliminate the short stack factor at the regular tables. I buy-in for $25 at the moment and with all the big stacks I usually have a chance to double-up if we get all-in. I will ride this streak out before I try to move up to the $50’s. The Hud stats are really helping me pull in some nice pots and fold some hands that I would normally play, not knowing how tight the raiser was due to playing so many tables. (8). I currently have $850 online and hope to not cashout any time soon.

Live I am up over $800 for the year. I have only been to a B&M casino once this year.

I am doing OK in the FT fantasy poker this year also. I have already qualified for 6 $2000 freerolls.


Pud's Poker said...

Sounds like you're running and playing well at the minute! What's the play like at the deep tables? Is it weaker / stronger than the "normal" tables?

ASHMC2 said...

I have always been a buy in for the max player, but I like how this is working. At the regular tables there are usually 2 to 4 shortstacks at the table. You have to play a different game against these guys. It is hard to press their blinds when they can just push. But at the deep stack tables everyone usaully has at least 100xBB. That makes for an interesting game. I can utilize my late position aggression better without worries of pot commitment.

Pud's Poker said...

Thanks for stopping my little piece of the net!

If there is one thing that gets on my nerves it's the short-stacking donkeys so maybe playing the deep tables is a good idea.